Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Second visit to Korean Food @ Jalan Song

Well.. After our first visit, it seems that this place become our regular place for reasonably priced good Korean food. :D George and I were actually planning to go with our friends as we could have more choices to try out. Ended up having dinner with his parents. They let us, the youngsters to decide on what to have from the menu, and these were what we had:
Pork BBQ (RM30). Having this pork platter again. We had to grill the pork slices ourselves this time as they were lacking of skilled staffs that know how to grill. Nvm. We have Chef George. Hehe~ As yummy as before! :)
Beef Bulgogi Jeongol (RM40). We thought that this was supposed to be the usual Beef Bulgogi which is grilled to perfection in marinade sauce. However, this turned out to be soupy type. Using another hot stove, everything was cooked and mixed together in the soup. Not our likings. Cannot blame them as we did not ask and when I googled the term, well, it does mean Korean BBQ Beef Soup. >.<
Kimchi Soup (RM8). Erm.. I think this was just ok.
Bibimbab (RM12). Very delicious. With the mix vegetables, fried egg and sufficient amount of the Guchujang (sweet red pepper paste), the mix rice was just awesome. George's mum eventually classify this as Korean Rojak. LOL!
Chicken ham kim bab (RM15). Time to try out Korean's style of Sushi. Unlike Japanese Sushi, this sushi roll was huge and stuffed with lots of veges. Chicken ham was added as an extra. Well~ I just like it. Very filling thou.
We were so so full~ Burpp!!

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