Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mag's Brithday @ Cafe Cafe

It was Magdalene's birthday eve. All of our former course mates decided to gather to celebrate her birthday. It was long since all of us can manage to spare some time to sit together and talk. All busy with our own stuffs. This time round, they planned to have a lunch gathering and celebration at Cafe Cafe. From the fusion menu offered, we also had a fusion of asian and western cuisines depending on what we preferred to eat.
Broccoli with Prawns and Mushrooms (RM22). 
Turkey Ham Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar (RM15). Topped with lots of grated parmesan cheese, the salad served in the apple cider vinegar was good except for the onions which I dislike. :P
Spaghetti Bolognese (RM16). Huge portion for this price.
Nyonya Kapitan Chicken Rice Set (RM16)
Beef Masak Hitam Rice Set (RM17). All the rice sets come with side dishes of keropok, fried okra and achar. Looking so yummy!
Tomato & Cincalok Omelette Fried Rice (RM15). Contained within the omelette, the fried rice portion was huge. Samson seemed to be enjoying his plate of fried rice a lot. 
Grilled Norwegian Salmon (RM28).
Deep Fried Breaded Chicken with Spicy Prawn Sauce (RM22). 
The long awaited Creamy Baked Chicken Chop Rice (RM19). Topped with cream sauce and cheese on top of the chicken chop, the buttery fragrant chicken rice was baked for quite some time before served. Although fragrant, it was kinda oily just like chicken rice.
Tuna Toast (RM13). Although it was stated as a side dish. this dish looked like a main course to me. Big big size and it looked so deliciously great with the creamy tuna and cheese on top of the toast! 
Finally with our lunch done, it's time for cake presentation session! Chocolate Coffee Cake from Mickey Cake House. Not bad. Not that sweet.

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