Monday, 5 May 2014

Tea-break @ Secret Recipe

When you are craving for cakes and no ideas where to head to, Secret Recipe is the best choice. Offering lots of varieties and opened from 10am to 10pm, there'll surely be something to satisfy you. Furthermore, they have a couple of outlets around, so that makes things much easier. 
Well.. We were there that afternoon not because I wanted to have cakes, but they were having chit-chatting and playing cards session there. As George and I had nothing to do, we drove to the Secret Recipe in town to meet them. Having seen that Secret Recipe's cakes promotion at that time was Buy 1 Free 1, so we got ourselves 2 pieces of cakes!
Creme Brulee Cake. New addition to their cake menu. I find it quite nice. Eggy and cheesy taste on top a layer of biscuits crumbs.
Durian Cheese Cake. Always so damn good and delicious. Well.. Only to durian lovers only I guessed. The smell of durian was strong and taste-wise was very rich. Bits of durian flesh could be tasted as well.

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