Thursday, 30 January 2014

Char Siew Pau @ Sin Kwang Heng, Open Air Market

No idea where to get Char Siew Pau? One of my favourite would be from Sin Kwang Heng @ Open Air Market. Sin Kwang Heng is very famous in Kuching for their Sio Bee. Yes.. They used to be very delicious, but it seemed that the quality and flavor deteriorated lately. But, their Char Siew Pau is still very good!
Char Siew Pau (RM1.40). Very tasty sweet BBQ pork inside the soft and fluffy mantou. Taste awesome when it's hot. Too bad that the filling was a bit too little. :P

Munch Cafe

Heard that Munch Cafe @ Padungan, along the same row with Secret Recipe, serves some good food especially desserts and pastries kind of snacks. So we were there for afternoon munch.
酸桔梅冰. Very refreshing and appetizing.
芝士蛋饼. A very highly recommended item by many. Tasted quite good as it was served hot and look at the melting cheese. It would be better with ham. :D

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

High Tea @ Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe 老丽士虾饼

Another place for ABC in Kuching?? Apart from local sweet desserts you can get at Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe 老丽士虾饼, they also have some local high-tea delicacies like Cucur Udang consisting of lots of deep-fried stuffs-fish balls, squids, sweet potatoes, yam etc. Rojak, belacan bee hoon are also available. The coffee shop is located at Rubber Road and usually packed especially during the hot afternoon.
Ice Kacang.
Goh Bee T'ng 五味汤.
Cha Kueh. Good.
Cucur Udang. Served really hot. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Taiwan Beef Noodles @ Spring Garden Cafe

I was told that this Taiwan Beef Noodles Stall has been around for long. Located at Ang Cheng Ho, I never know that there's a place for such delicious beef noodles until then. Thanks to the recommendations from Facebook Kuching Food Critics members.
Beef Noodles Soup with their homemade noodles (RM5.50).
Dry Homemade Noodles + Beef Soup (RM6.50).
The beef was tender and it's perfect in the rich, tasty and hot soup. Only available from morning till noon thou.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ada's Birthday Surprise!

I was actually having a ladies' night with my primary schoolmates and we ended up giving Ada a little birthday surprise. Hehe~ I was the planner for the night and had our friends to cooperate along to make the surprise successful. And I guessed it did. Hee~
The happy surprised birthday gal~ :D

Ooops~ Wrong caption cos we were planning to give Penny a surprise too as her birthday was close too, but she couldn't make it. :(
Group photo :)

iChef Cuisine before relocation

It was quite some time since our last visit. Was here to celebrate a friend's birthday and of cos, re-tasting the foods here. I went for the set, which was Fettucine Lamb Shank Set (RM40), given with a bowl of Mushroom Soup and a plate of Cheese Garlic Bread.
The Mushroom Soup was good.
Quite ok, but I expected it to be more cheesy.
Quite tasty, the feta cheese on top was an extra point for the dish!
Chicken Moscow with Beef Bacon (RM28). Very good! The beef bacon and cheese embedded in the juicy chicken meat was great. The accompanying mashed potatoes was very creamy and smooth too!
Not long after our visit, the place shut down and we were told that it relocated to a new place near to Civic Centre, renamed as Portico Restaurant & Lounge Bar. Please wait for my review on their new opening at Portico. :D


Nosh! or used to be Mr. Ho's Fine Foods is one of our usual western dining spot as good foods are served there!
Crispy Pork with Apple Sauce. Delicious!! Roasted to perfection. The skin was so crispy, yet maintaining the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. With the right proportion of fats and lean meat, this pork belly was perfect!
Warm Bacon and Walnut Salad. This is also a very highly recommended dish. The chef was definitely not stingy with the ingredients used. Look at the generous amounts of bacon bits added to make the salad flavorful. Chunky bits of bread crumbs and walnuts gave the salad crunchy texture at each bite. Abundant of cheese powder which offers extra great taste!
Alfredo (RM12.90). This was so rich and creamy. Whoever who loves carbonara, this could not go wrong!
Mixed Grill (RM36.90). With a mix of pork sausage, pork ribs, lamb chop, pork belly and pork chop with some side dishes. If you are craving for lots of meats, this is the best dish to go for at Nosh!
Braised Lamb Shank. The meat was tender, but the sauce was not what we preferred. 
Smoke Chicken (RM22.90), but I actually ordered Roasted Chicken and they went out of it, so they eventually recommended this to me. To my surprise, it was really good! Very deliciously marinated chicken leg and the meat was so smooth and soft! Slurpss~~
Too many good foods to try for at Nosh!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Colugos Bistro & Grill

Refurbished into a bistro, Colugos is a new foodie outlet in Tun Jugah Mall, offering Western, Indonesian and Local Cuisines. 
There are quite a number of attractive choices, here were a couple of dishes we ordered:
Colugos Grill Chicken (RM13.90). Boneless whole chicken leg grilled with their homemade seasonings and comes with fries and coleslaw.
The Man Burger (RM15.90). Very nicely served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The huge burger comprises of cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, beef bacon and a thick juicy patty.
Stir Fry Broccoli Tahu (RM10.00). A dish that is not western for our dinner.
The Mexican Mackerel (RM 18.90). Pan grilled mackerel fillet which was served with mojito salsa and with some seasonal veggies and Indo Mash.
Thai By Mango Seabass (RM18.90). Pan Grilled Seabass topped with their homemade mango salsa and served with their Indo Mash, some side veggies.
BBQ Roasted Half Chicken (RM18.90). The chicken was oven roasted to perfection, pertaining its juiciness and tenderness! The sauce given was sweet and spicy which complements really well with the chicken! Yummy! Came with their spicy mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The mashed potatoes were kinda different from the usual one. It's called Indonesian Mash. Did not quite like it cos of the over-onionly taste.
Rosemary Lamb Shank (RM32.90). Braised in Rosemary Herbs and served with Indo Mash and Seasonal Veggies too. To me, the lamb was good as the meat was tender, but taste-wise was rather bland. I would prefer it to be richer. 
So far, the food was rather good and we were charged reasonably. We would be back again.

Kuching Chicken Porridge @ Rubber Road

This is one place where you can get good chicken porridge at night. Starts their business around 630pm and finishes about 715pm. Not just because their business is good, they also do not prepare much.
Although the place has been there for decades and nobody in Kuching is unaware of it, I never been there. >.<
So, here's the fragrantly cooked chicken porridge.
With the yellowish chewy skin chicken meat. Yummy!
Got ourselves a bowl of Tauhu Hua.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd 古来佬伴豆花

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd  古来佬伴豆花 (RM4.00). The newly arisen brand in Kuching for very tasty beancurd! This franchise originated from Johor and once it set foot in Kuching, the brand grew real fast and it could be purchased in many many places. Priced at RM4.00, which is quite pricey as we can get the normal ones at RM1.50-RM2, you should not fail to try it!
The beancurd has a pudding type texture and the most important of all was the flavor. It is unlike the normal beancurd which is immersed in sugar syrup. Instead, real soya milk was used to made this. Do not believe me, try it for yourself!

4.5 Mile Roadside Pau

If you passed by 4th mile from 3rd mile Roundabout after 130pm to 2pm, you will notice this stall on your left and cars would be seen crowded around there. So what's so special abt the place which attracts people coming to this rugged-looking place? 
It's their PAU!! They have Char Sio Pau, Meat Pau, Vegetable Pau. Besides, they also sell Sio Bee and Homemade Soya Bean Drink. You can dine there or have it take-away which many did.
I had the Vegetable Pau (RM1.20).
Generously stuffed with fragrantly stir-fried shredded vegetables, mushrooms and artificial meats. Very delicious!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Korea Trip Day 7

Ok.. Day 7, which means it also marks the last day in Korea :( We were early as we had to catch a morning flight back to LCCT. 
So, this was for breakfast. Udon. Very light and simple. After breakfast, we went to another floor where you could get some local goods an have them packed before sending to the airport.
LV Shop Christmas Display at Incheon Airport.
 Took about 6 hrs flight to KL. Later, we had a nice afternoon tea at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.
Vanilla Sundae Ice cream (RM3.50). Tasted like McD's.
American Chocolate Cake (RM11.90). Very chocolaty. Good!
Tiramisu Cake (RM11.90). Nice and soft cake topped with peaches, almond flakes, macadamia nuts and pistachio nuts. Good to balance out the sweetness of the American Chocolate Cake.

Korea Trip Day 6

As usual, the 1st thg we did every morning was to have breakfast. Another buffet style breakfast.
Came across the parking facility there. Very space-saving idea.
Heavy breakfast!
1st Destination: Woongjing PlayDoci 熊津广场
Our 1st stop was Woongjing PlayDoci or actually the main attraction was SnowDoci, having the indoor skiing facilities there. We were brought there and queued with many tourists and locals to play the Snow Tubing. It was exciting. If it wasn't cos of the long queue, I might go for another ride.

There were lots of cute kinder-garden kids learning to ski!
Angelic me.. :P
Another attraction in the mall located at the ground floor - 3D Arts!

Outside the mall
Finally got the Tomato Juice recommended. Not my liking. Very tomato taste and sweet. Maybe cos I don really like tomato.
Very cool above-the-head golfing facility. COOL!
2nd Destination: 首尔海苔博物馆
3rd Destination: 紫水晶加工场
Our 2nd and 3rd destinations led us to the local tourist workshops, persuading us to buy their local products. Then, it's lunch time!

宫廷料理 back at J&J Dragon.

4th Destination: Hongdae Shopping Street 弘大购物街
In the afternoon, off we went for shopping at Hongdae Shopping Street and also to visit the "infamous" Hello Kitty Cafe.
Hello Kitty Cafe, located inside one of the alley.
Crowded. Taking turns to take orders.
All very pinkish decorated. 

Finally got my order. Green Tea Latte.

Done with the photo-shooting in the cafe and a hot warm latte, we headed back to the street.

Bongeobbang. Red bean paste inside the fish-shaped bread. I like this as the bread was crispy and the paste was hot, sweet and fresh, nicely embedded!

STREET FOODS!! Egg breads. The egg yolk looks so good. Runny egg yolk on top of the pan-fried dough.

With our tour guide and tour leader.

5th Destination: Myeongdong Street 明洞服装
We were finally taken to the very famous shopping street especially for cosmetics. Given 3.5 hours of shopping time here, we still think it was not quite enough.

Huge malls with very nice Christmas decorations.

Another street food we enjoyed. Korean Sausages. Different flavors and varieties, some were wrapped in bacon, stuffed with rice cake etc.
Done with shopping and eating, steamboat for dinner!
Mushroom Steamboat Buffet. Yummy!
Ice Cream again! Good! Green-tea flavored. 
Another one! Just normal cone ice cream.
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