Saturday, 29 November 2014

KL Food Hunt #15: Jogoya

This was the last day of our trip and the best was left to the last! Having a great lunch buffet at Jogoya!! Indulging in all my favs!

Desserts time!

Heavenly great!! Repeating my orders!!

KL Food Hunt #14: The Nosh

Our 2nd stop for more desserts! Yoohoo!! Having the same name as one of the Western Restaurant in Kuching, the Nosh here appeared to serve different types of cuisines. Well.. We were here not for the main courses but desserts instead. Letting our Desserts Master, William to decide on what to have. 
Rich Chocolate Fudge (RM17)
Creme Brulee (RM12). Kinda sweet for me.
Luscious Caramel Walnut Cake (RM18). Love this best! 
Headed back to Pavilion. :D
My superman?? Lol!

KL Food Hunt #13: Dip 'n Dip

Obviously, just having some serious meals were not enough. There are lots of desserts temptations at Bangsar Village, so we just randomly selected what we wanted to try.
Our 1st stop: Dip 'n Dip! 
Famous for all the chocolatey indulgence~~ 
Waffle Stick (RM10)
Triple Chocolate Crepe (RM17)
Emmm~~ Loving it!! 

KL Food Hunt #12: Nirwana Maju

Yo! It had been ages since I blogged. Too busy lately. Hopefully I will get into pace soon. Continuing with our food hunt in our June's West Malaysia short trip, our next station was also at a Malay Restaurant at Bangsar Village. This was suggested by Ivy where we had our dishes served on a banana leaf.
This was the assorted sides served along with the rice for everyone of us.

Apart from this, we ordered some Malay dishes to be shared too.
Ayam Masak Merah I think.

Sambal Sotong.

Chili paste Fish.

Yummeh~~ Terribly full! Foods here were rather spicy, but appetizing!

Had a short walk at the mall~~ :)

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