Sunday, 25 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #4: Tous Les Jours

Was so delighted to see a very beautiful bakery shop opening at WOLO, Bukit Bintang, just opposite H&M, named Tous Les Jours. We were at first kinda hesitated to go into the shop as it was so classy-looking and assuming the foods should be pricey. However, no harm just to have a look, right? Once we took a look at the cakes displayed, we were whispering to ourselves:"Hey, it wasn't that expensive after all. Standard price (~RM10/slice)." So, without much thoughts, we decided to sit down and relax, enjoying our desserts at this late night and later hunt for supper! :D 
Ordered the Red Velvet Cake and 'Devil's Food' Dark Chocolate Cake.

Yummehh~~ Call me a dessert freak!!

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