Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chap Goh Meh Feast

Chap Goh Meh is the 15th day in the lunar calender, signifying the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. On this particular day, many Chinese families would enjoy and feast as in CNY eve. My family is not an exception and we eventually had a greater dinner than what we had back then. Our initial plan was to have a total of 6 dishes. In the end, we had a total of 9 dishes. Well~~ I played my part in serving 2 dishes for the dinner.
Yam Rice. I was fascinated by the famous Yam Rice back in Penang and so, I looked up for the recipe in the net and tried it out. Besides from yam, I added dried shrimps and mushrooms for better taste. Pandan leaves were used along to give the rice the sweet fragrant smell. Smelling great, but taste just ok. Would be if the dried shrimps were diced and the yam was mashed. 
Mashed Potatoes. As requested by mum, I prepared this western side dish to be served along with all those Chinese food. LOL! I also made Mushroom Sauce to accompany with this dish.
Beef Ribs Stew Soup. Highly complimented dish! Stewed for really long hours...
Assam Fish. YUMMY!!! I could finish the whole fish if I want to!
Oven-baked Chicken. Tasted just like Kenny Roger's! :P I'm not boasting. Even the breast meat was so juicy.
Broccoli with Abalone Slices. Good!
Mixed Vege
Sweet and Spicy Pork Leg. Recipe passed down from my grandma.

No chance to be on diet during CNY~~~

Famous Fook Hai (Hock Hai) Big Pau

Located at Padungan, Fook Hai (Hock Hai) is an old-time popular place for Big Pau and dim sum. The Big Pau served can be stuffed with chicken or pork meat. Unfortunately, the pork-filled big pau has finished when we got there. 
Big Pau (RM3.00). Not very big actually. I prefer the one at Sin Kwang, which is somewhere nearby. Much much bigger~ and also the filling tastes better although Sin Kwang only serves chicken-filled big paus. A standout of Fook Hai's Big Pau is the sweet fluffy skin, whereas the one at Sin Kwang is rather chewy. It all depends on which you like better.
Apart from having the Big Pau, they have a few types of dim sum like sio bee,  lo mai kai (glutinous rice chicken), siew mai and har kau. Despite the limited choices, they still have their breakfast crowds. 
Lo Mai Kai (糯米鸡) (RM2.80).
Steamed sticky glutinous rice stuffed with chicken chunks and mushroom.
Har Kau (RM2.40/plate).
Minced prawn instead of the whole prawn which we usually get elsewhere.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Late dinner @ 3rd Mile Market

Again, I'm here at 3rd Mile Night Market. Having something different this time. As I was really hungry, I ordered Goh Bee Teng (五味汤) for dessert which I normally would not. 
Goh Bee Teng (五味汤) (~RM2.00) is a sweet shaved ice dessert having 5 different ingredients. The one served from the stall I ordered from, which is on the right when you walked up the stairs, had ingredients like barley, agar-agar,  sea bird-nest/seaweed jelly, dried persimmon, white fungus, sago pearls and gingko nuts. It's actually more than 5 ingredients.
We ordered a Silver Needle Noodle (老鼠粉) with Wanton and also a Kolo Kueh Teow from the famous No.8 stall. 
Silver Needle Noodle (老鼠粉) with Wanton (RM4.00). Just RM1.00  for the additional Wanton added. So cheap! And most important of all, it tasted real good. 
Kolo Kueh Teow (RM3.00). Tasted as good as the well. Same broth actually. Just that flat noodles were used in this dish.
As usual, Kueh Chap (RM4.00) is something we usually won't miss when we have dinner here. The portion seemed to have reduced.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Auntie Angela's Sarawak Laksa

There are lots of nice Sarawak Laksa in Kuching. Here I am at Cold Storage Food Court to try out Auntie Angela's Sarawak Laksa. This is a new Laksa outlet to me. Won't be here if I did not get good feedback on this Laksa store from many of my friends. Some even claimed that it's better than the famous Laksa at the nearby Sin Chong Choon Cafe.
Normal Sarawak Laksa (RM 5.00). Comes with the usual ingredients of prawns, chicken slices, egg pieces and beansprouts. At first, the Laksa smelled like curry. However, from the first bite, there's not even a bit of curry taste. Amazing huh~ 
Overall, I think it's quite good. Worth trying. :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

ღ Date wif Mommy ღ

It's been a long time I did not go out alone with my mum. She proposed to have Japanese meal at Sushi King and so, off we went. :D

As usual, SALMON!!!
Salmon Sashimi (RM12.90). All for me! :-bd So fresh and thick. Not enough~~
Prosperity Bento (RM16.88). Only available during this Chinese New Year Promotion. Served with Yee Sang, Grilled Salmon and Chicken Teriyaki. I took the fresh salmon.. :D
Chawan Mushi (RM4.00). Fell in love with Chawan Mushi ever since I tried the one at Riverside Majestic Hotel Japanese Buffet. Unfortunately, the one here was not up to my expectation.

2 birthdays in a go!

Celebrated 2 birthdays in one night! First was Stanley's. We were served with nice food like duck, sweet and sour fish, roasted chicken, mixed vege and so on. Wondering which restaurant's food was that~~ After dinner, there went the birthday song singing, candles blowing and cake cutting sessions. 
With his parents
Blow blow blow
The birthday cake might look simple, but it was a very good mixed fruits cake. According to his parents, it was made by a friend. Sad :( I guessed I won't have the chance to have any of that anymore. Had real lots of cakes. Tummy full of cakes! Slurpsss~~

Before we head to Aeroport to give Randall a surprise birthday celebration, had fun playing Wii at Stanley's place. How I wish I have one at home. According to my friends, the food served in Aeroport was big in portion and tasted quite good with a reasonable rate. Must try out one day! :) 

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to Randall~
Happy birthday to you!

Big group photo

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Foochow Brunch with Family @ New Happy Cafe

A surprising request from mum to have brunch at New Happy Cafe as I kept recommending her to try out the 炒糟菜粉干. And so, she ordered this Foochow dish which was new to her. 
Tomato Kueh Teow with egg added. Tasted good as well.
炒煮面. I likey~~
The food there were all quite delicious and received compliments from my family. My mum eventually recommended this cafe to my grandma too.. :D

Previous blog on this cafe

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ben's Farewell

The one week CNY holiday was over. Everyone is returning to their original states and most of my friends are going back to study. The first to leave was Ben. We initially just went to Joe's house and Ben suddenly called to inform he's leaving the next day and us for a farewell. 
A group pic at Joe's place with blurry Mek Mek in the pic. Poor Mek Mek was chased and frightened by the 21-years old childish Ben until she peed.
After thinking long and hard on the farewell venue, William suggested to go to Magenta. Despite the fact that I already had so much CNY snacks at Joe's place, the greedy me still ordered a Chicken Moscow. Unfortunately, that dish had finished and so, I switched to Fettuccine Lamb Shank. We also had Turkey Ham Bruschetta to be shared among us.

Yummy Turkey Ham Bruschetta! Garlic Bread topped with tomato and "fattening" cheese with one-eighths of egg rolled in savory and tasty turkey ham. It was kinda salty, but overall, I think it was a great dish. The Bruschetta in The Junk was claimed to be very good. Gonna try that if I happen to go. :D

Fish and Chips (RM26). I only had a bite of this, so couldn't give any comments. Besides, deep-fried stuffs are not my favorite.
Fettuccine Lamb Shank (RM36). Although considered rather expensive for a pasta, the fettuccine was cooked with lots of lamb shank meat. I supposed the whole lamb shank was added. I did not manage to finish the whole dish. The meat was more than the fettuccine. I gave some to Ben and George eventually finished the rest. I love the lamb shank. Nice and tender!! Yummy!
~ ~Spaghetti (RM36). Forgotten the name of this dish as it was really long. Looks like a seafood aglio-olio to me. As for the real taste, it was a fusion of western and local as the spaghetti was sauteed with salted fish. 
Braised Lamb Shank (RM36). Initially intended to order this when Chicken Moscow was not available. I tried this before and it was good. Love the mashed potatoes.
As directed by William, we tried to "show off" our long legs. HAHA!! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentine's Day Celebration ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

Where would be the best dining place during Valentine's? It is a norm for many couples to dine out in a romantic environment, enjoying their 3- or 4-course meals. You must book early to get you and your partner a place. If not, you would end up being "halau" as the place is full and in the end, you would have to "enjoy" your Valentine's at hawker centers. To avoid being "slaughtered" by these restaurants in this very special occasion, I decided to cook ourselves a 4-course dinner. :D 

I planned our dinner a week ahead, having appetizer, starter, main dish and also dessert. 
Tadaa~~ Prepared Valentine's Menu of my own! :D
I had started preparing a day earlier with my coleslaw and also marinating the beef. On the day itself, it took me 3 hours to prepare all the dishes including Mushroom and Peppercorn sauces, and also some side dishes to accompany the main dishes. Additional 1/2 hour was required for the dessert which I left it in the oven while we were having dinner.

Cheese Mayo Mussels. YUMMY!!
Jalapeno Beef with side dishes of roasted broccoli and carrots, and also mashed potatoes.

Crispy Skin Salmon.. Sedap.. :)
Forgotten to take photos of the Coleslaw, and Mac and Cheese. All the dishes tasted not too bad except the Mac and Cheese. It's not as creamy as I wanted it to be and lack of flavor. Hmm.. Needs to be improved!

Finally, my hot Chocolate Lava Cake topped with cold Vanilla Ice Cream. The cake had a crispy outer skin, but it did not have the overflowing chocolate as I wanted it to be when we cut it open. Sad.. :( Overcooked I guessed.


Monday, 18 February 2013


10th February 2012 marks the new year in the lunar calender. After the dragon year, it's the year of the Ssssnake~~ Did not do much on the first day. Went visiting and stayed at my granny's place most of the time. 
My first day look! No "ang ang" (hokkien word for red) this year. It's a belief of the Chinese to wear red on the first day of Chinese New Year as red is auspicious and brings luck.
My denim attire on the second day of Chinese New Year. :DTrying to pose as a model. HAHA!!
Met up with friends and went visiting! :) All looking so lady with their pretty dresses. 
We went to a friend's house where they invited the lion dance team to perform. There were 8 lions, all colored differently! The biggest lion dance performance I had ever seen.

With all the galsss.
With George (left) and Ben (right). LOVE this pic! We were all in blue~~ 
William was showing his "papa" potential. LOL! 
Everyone was snatching the cute little baby to take photo with! Model of the day ye~~
Besides all those tasty cakes and cookies served during CNY, we also got to have this unexpected delicious homecook Laksa! Yummy! 
Some more pics!
 Here ends my 2nd day of CNY and there goes my 3rd day!
My look of the day!
With the pretties!
4th DAY!
With them again! HAHA!
Do I look different in these photos?? :D They were taken on the 5th, 6th and 7th day of CNY respectively.
CNY is all about visiting, eating (which I enjoyed the most and obviously, I gained weight) and gathering.

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