Saturday, 3 May 2014

Dinner @ Cafe Cafe

After being much raved by bloggers and also me, my mum was eager to try out the foods at Cafe Cafe, so I took her here for dinner! As usual, the place was so packed despite it's a Wednesday night.
Chicken Salad (RM12). As I was on clean food normally on weekends, I did not want to go for too fattening dishes, so got myself the chicken salad in which I requested my sauce to be served separately. It was kinda huge in portion with the Chicken cooked in their special sauce which somehow looked like Rendang, but not. Good.
Mee Mamak (RM12). My mum saw some people recommending this dish, so she gave it a try. Big dish again! I think I took quite a lot. =.= Slightly spicy and sweet. Tasted quite good, but a little bit over-mushy. Would be better if it's drier. 

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