Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Guo Guo Xiang BBQ Steamboat

Another deal, but it's not from Groupon anymore. Bought this deal from Supermain. The buffet at Guo Guo Xiang BBQ Steamboat was supposed to be priced at RM28/person. With the deal of RM88 for 4 persons, we get to enjoy their fresh and quality buffet at RM22/person. 
Introducing the new style of BBQ & Steamboat. BBQ plate on top of the soup. Can have 2 choices of soups each time. They have Tom Yam, Chicken, Zhao Cai and Laksa Soups for selection. We opt for Chicken and Laksa Soups.

Ice Creams to end the meal later :D
Free flow of drinks available.
They also served some home-cook dishes.
Fresh vegetables
Seafoods, Fish Cakes etc.
A variety of beef, lamb and chicken marinated with sauces like curry, their special Guo Guo Xiang Sauce, Western and also Original Flavor. Personally loved their homemade marinade recipe.
See the grilling in process. Slurpsss~~

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"Unknown name" Malay Coffee Shop, Satok

Ok. So there's this unknown Malay coffee shop which we happened to drop by after our visit to Dr. Liew's Dental Clinic at Satok area. We were driving around Satok area in search for good breakfast options and saw this crowded place. Packed with Malays, so we were expecting delicious Malay foods for our empty tummies. All the stalls inside were operated by Malays, but the coffee shop was actually run by Chinese. 
Mee Jawa with Satay
Mee Daging. Delicious bowl of Mee Daging!
All the foods were not bad, thou not the best in my list la.. Hehe..

Monday, 28 April 2014

My Birthday Cake!

After a filling Japanese dinner at Sanga, I asked for desserts! How can a birthday cake be missed out on my birthday? :P So, after thinking hard on where to have desserts, finally drop by Cuppa-Kap Coffee at One Jaya Mall, Jalan Song, just next to Korean Food for Mille Crepe. It's not easy to get mille crepes in Kuching. Could say that this was my first try in Kuching. I still craved for the ones at Humble Beginnings, Penang. :( 
Ok. Back to the mille crepe at Cuppa-Kap Coffee. They have a couple of selections, but wasn't many. I chose the Green Tea Mille Crepe where red beans were embedded in between. 
Layers of crepes and cream. Wasn't very sweet in taste and smooth in texture. Kinda mild. Would be better if it's slightly richer. But quite ok la.. 
Love to see the layers~ Green Tea Mille Crepe (~RM10)

Another celebration @ Sanga Japanese Restaurant

The previous dining session at Sanga Japanese Restaurant was a surprise from George. Now, we are back for another feast as this day marks this special moment of my birthday. :D I requested to have Japanese foods, so after being approved by my mum, we came here for dinner! I was allowed to order whatever I want to. Hehe~
Salmon Sashimi (RM20). Thick cuts of fresh salmon! Yummy!!!
Much recommended by bloggers, we ordered this Salmon Skin (RM6) for the first time for a try. It was really crispy and tasty! Everyone loves it!
We had 2 Bento sets. Each bento came with some servings of marinated meats topped with sesame seeds, fruits, salads, edamame, pickled radish, chawan mushi and also Japanese rice.
Bulgogi Bento (RM18). With this generous amount of finely grilled marinaded beef slices, it was awesome to be served together with the bento set.
Sukiyaki Seafood Bento (RM18). Having a mix of seafoods including salmon, mussels, squids, fish cakes, prawns, tofus, veges, mushrooms, and egg, this hot serving bowl was definitely worth the value.
Japanese Curry Bento (RM16). Yummy deep-fried chicken slices with the creamy Japanese curry. 
Potato Salad (RM5). I love this and surprisingly, my mum loves it too! She was surprised to find that Japanese version of Potato Salad tasted so nice as well. Lol!
This was a special order out from their menu. Umi Maki (RM22.90). Sth like Grilled Salmon Cheese Maki?? Well.. I like it! Just love anything with tasty salmons!!
Unagi Pizza (RM28). This was a recommended dish, so I wanted to give it a try. Not too bad, just that couldn't really taste the unagi bits. I still think that Tomoe's was better. :)

Friday, 25 April 2014

Family dinner @ Tomoe Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Mendu

Tomoe Japanese Restaurant is tucked away from the busy main road along Jalan Mendu, close to Chung Hua School No.5. Had been here for quite some time, but never introduce before. Brought my parents here for the first time and enjoyed ordering what I like. :)
Salmon Sashimi - 8 pcs (RM24). Hardly missed when I go for Japanese food. Very fresh and really thick slices.
Mix Sushi -Special (RM32.90). A mix of different sushis. 
Unagi Maki (RM15).
Yakitori Shio/Teriyaki (RM5). Very nicely grilled.
Okonomiyaki (RM14).  Japanese pizza laden with chopped cabbage, shredded seaweed, bonito flakes and so on. At least my parents favor this dish over Ten Ichi's and Sushi Zanmai's. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nasi Briyani @ Buhari Cafe

According to George, this Buhari Cafe serves the best Nasi Briyani n Kuching, whether it's Ayam, Kambing or Lembu. It's located at the busy Satok area, along with the stretch of shop lots with KFC, facing the flyover. They really prepared tongs of nasi briyani. Business must be really good. 
Nasi Briyani Ayam (RM8). It was really quite good. Tender chicken meat with the fragrantly cooked rice.
Roti Canai (RM1.20). Their roti canai was good too! Crispy texture and goes best with their Dhal. 
They have other Mamak food choices like Mee Kari, Rojak, Nasi Campur with a few choices to select from, Murtabak and so on. All their foods have reasonable quality and taste, but as usual, Mamak or Malay foods are usually more pricey.

Korean Food, Jalan Song Trying Out Session

Been wanting to try this authentic Korean food here after much raving abt the good food and cheap price as compared to other Korean foods outlets. Located on the outer section of One Jaya Shopping Mall, just opposite Porkies, this little dining outlet is operated by a Korean lady who does all the cooking. We were there quite a couple of times, but we either failed to grab a table or the store is not open. Finally, George and I managed to dine in on this fine Saturday night when the night is still young. They also expanded their dining area to allocate more tables and seats. Flipping through the menu and based on my memories on the recommended foods here, we finally came out on what to have.

First, we were served with their homemade side dishes of the day. 
The side dishes served and also dipping sauces for the Pork BBQ later.
Kimchi of cos! So spicy yet couldn't stop myself from having more.
Kimchi Fried Pancake (RM8). Pan fried omelette with loaded Kimchis. As spicy as it looks! Very fragrant and I just love it thou it was a bit oily.
Ddukboki (RM10). Well~ Thou not as good as what I had in Korea, but it was nice. Sweeter in taste due to the red chili sauce used, this dish was very filling as there were fish cakes and rice cakes with cabbages. Koreana's Ddukboki was good too, but the rice cakes here were fresher.
So, with George around, we should not fail to have Pork BBQ (RM30). It was recommended to cater 2-3 persons. So, this should be enough for both of us. They have this Korean BBQ stove placed on our table and it was great to have their staff to grill the pork for us. We get to see the grilling process as well and it was awesome to see the oil dripping out from the stove. Everything seemed healthier and "thinner". :)
Grilling in process. Evenly cooked pork bellies.
Finally done grilling the pork slices. It was delicious and crispy some more! I find it nice to dip the grilled meats with a little bit of the salty soy bean paste provided (black sauce shown in the 1st pic). Next was to stir fry the mushrooms and veges with the remaining bits of pork lard on the stove which gave extra fragrance to the veges.
Thou the place may not look as classy, decent and comfortable, but this does not set back people from getting good foods!

Best Beef Noodles @ 98 Kopitiam, Stutong

We have lots of good beef noodles in Kuching like the famous Ah Mui, the one in Green Hill Corner, Spring Garden and so on. Wasn't aware of the presence of this Beef Noodles stall at 98 Kopitiam, next to One TJ Mall, until Kevin introduced us to this place for supper. It was their usual activity to have supper after closing shop at 10pm. They tried out this place when they were on their way down from Summer Shopping Mall and to their surprise, the beef noodles were so impressive. Why do I say so?! Take a look at the photos below!!
Beef Soup Special with Mee Kosong. Perfect combination. The noodles were good and this huge bowl of beef chunks, tendons and stomach were AWESOME!! This is the only place where I find beef tendons so huge!
Beef Soup Special with Flat Noodles (RM7.00). For just RM7, you get this huge bowl of beef noodles. What more can you ask for??
Come on! Just look at the GIANT size beef tendons. OMG! 
Seriously, after my first try of beef noodles here, I barely wanna go for beef noodles at other places. Too bad they only sell it at night. Remember to order for "Special" if you want something similar like mine. They also have Beef Fried Noodles as well and their business was really good. Other food choices were available too like burgers which was quite good, Bak Kut Teh, Chinese Stir-Fried Stall, Dumplings and so on. The place could be quite crowded at night thou.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lunch Buffet Offer @ Carvery Restaurant, Abell Hotel

Carvery Restaurant, Abell Hotel is currently having this buffet offer with 15% discount in this month of April due to their 3rd Year Anniversary. For folks who love high quality meats, grab your seats fast. They have live stations of prime beef ribs, roast turkey and lamb leg for their Sunday buffets. We were there on Saturday for lunch as I do not want too heavy meals for dinner. Guided to our reserved seats of 12 pax, we were first approached with menus to select our drinks. Then, without much hesitation, I moved on to the cold cuts, salad stations. 
All the pre-mix salads.
Cold Cut Salad and Cheese on Glass. Like the Cold Cut Salad. It's a mix of chicken lyoner and beef salami with some greens and salad dressings. Kinda oily, so I did not have another cup. The Cheese on Glass sounds interesting, but did not appeal to me as it did not taste cheesy at all. Seemed like chicken chunks. Maybe it's just the name?? 
Coleslaw and Eggs with Peas and Corn Salad.
Potato Salad and Fruit Salad. These 2 were among the best! I love potatoes! Couldn't remember how many cups I took. :P 
Chicken Lyoner
Beef Salami
Love the Chicken Lyoner and Beef Salami. Would be great to have this as sandwich.
Chicken Cold Platter. 
Some greens to make up your own choice of salads.
Lots of Salad Dressings.
Jams for the bread served.
Cooked Foods Section - Pasta with Lamb Sauce (Delicious!), Roasted Potatoes, Fried Rice, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sweet Corn with Baby Corn, Butter Brussel Sprout and Baby Carrots.
They also have desserts served. Honeydew Pudding, Mango Pudding and Sago Gula Melaka. Wasn't really impressed thou.
Fresh Fruits Platter. Rather go for this instead of desserts. Tastier and of cos, HEALTHIER!
We were served with buns and butter. I did not try the butter, but my friends said it tasted different from our usual ones. Very delicious according to them. I just like my bun plain. It was chewy and was also great to go with the mushroom soup.
Salads~~ Tried everything they have on the salad buffet area.
These were the ones I kept taking for the whole afternoon apart from the potato salad. 
I created my own dish of Pasta in Mushroom Soup. HAHA!
Not too much on the salads yet as we had to leave spaces for the MEATSSS! Before having the carvings started, we were served with 2 gravies - Black Pepper and Mushroom Gravy.
First dish served: Roast Lamb Leg! Succulent, juicy, tender lamb leg roasted to perfection with the crispy glazing skin.
They have one of the best Grilled Chicken Wings in town. 
Black Pepper Beef Ribs. Their marinade was delicious, but the beef ribs were a bit disappointing. The meat was very soft and easily peeled off from the bones during my previous visits. However, it was kinda hard and chewy this time.
Mussels. Cooked in Marinara Sauce I think. Fresh and perfectly cooked mussels that were not too chewy, but soft and easily comes off from the shell. The sweet-tasting sauce made it more appetizing. Had a couple of these~
Sirloin Steak. Our favorite! We were served with well-done steaks for the first round. Although it was fully cooked, the steaks were very soft and tender. Unlike certain places, the steaks could turn out to be hard and chewy when it's fully cooked. We were very impressed.
Had my sirloin steaks in medium rare later. Seemed like rare to me. Tasted great anyway! I had my plates refilled with steaks from time to time. Greedy me~
Chicken Sausages
Chicken Chop. Seemed to be spiced with the same flavorings as the chicken wings.Delicious!
Fish Fillets - Grilled and Deep-Fried. Too bad Dory Fish was served. I preferred the Deep-Fried Fish Fillet cos it tasted like Fried Chicken Meats and there was no fishy smell. 
So, altogether we were served with 9 carving dishes for our lunch buffet. There would be 14 dishes for their dinner buffet.
Really enjoyed our lunch!!! Man, so damn FULL!! Just at RM38+ per person (not including drinks and 6% government tax yet), we get to enjoy these much of great foods!! Slurpsss~~~

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