Sunday, 11 May 2014

Five Loaves Two Fish 五饼二鱼

Ok.. So there's this place called 五饼二鱼 at Jalan Song, offering some Foochow dishes. Wondering how did they think of having this name~ Hmm~ Maybe they want their foods to feed as many as possible too~ Hehe.. People have been saying that their foods are good, so we gave it a try. There isn't much choices available. They sell Minced Pork Rice, Ang Zhao Chicken Rice, Pork Leg Mee Sua, Kong Pia etc. Well~ As the shop is very near to John's Pie, I got myself a pie there and accompanied George over here to have lunch (and also to have a few bites). :D
Ang Zhao Chicken Rice. (RM5 if not mistaken). Quite good. George loves it as he loves rice to be mixed with everything. I like how they serve it with eggs. :)
Kong Pia (RM1/each). Not our liking as the minced meat was salty. Would prefer it to be sweet.

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