Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dinner @ Bangkok Thai

Thai dining places are RARE in Kuching. Bangkok Thai, subsidiary of Lok Thian Group, is one popular spot of Kuchingites in search for Thai Cuisines. It is also one of our usual spots for family gathering. I guessed I shall just move forward to our dishes. 
Beef dish.
Pineapple Fried Rice
Stir-fried Bidin in Belacan
Tom Yam Seafood Soup. Very appetizing! Sour and spicy!
Kailan / Kale with Salted Fish
Pandan Chicken. Highly recommended.
Mongolian Lamb. Lovely!
Mango fish. Another palatable dish.
Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk as dessert. In Singapore, this would be called Red Ruby! Always great to end our dinner with dessert. :D So far, I find that Bangkok Thai serves the best Red Ruby in Kuching.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Family Dinner @ Sweet Happiness

Introducing more food from Sweet Happiness :D
Loving this Coconut Chicken Soup 椰子炖鸡. Yummy!!! Good enough to be shared among 2-3 persons.

Ok.. Butter Prawn again!! Haha!! 
Stir-fried "money"-vege with egg.
Eggplant dish. Forgotten what was it cooked with, but it was rather tasty!
Roasted duck. Not really recommended thou.
Salted Fish Pork Belly 咸鱼花腩煲. Deliciously stir-fried with salted fish which gave the pork belly a slight saltiness. Dried chilli was added to improve its taste, but not covering the sweetness of the tender pork belly.
Deep-Fried Salted Egg Crab. Not my liking. Too dry. I love the moist and creamy type.

Lunch offerings @ C3 Cafe, BDC

Wanted to try out the recommended Satay Beehoon from C3 Cafe, but unfortunately, we were too late. Finished by noon. :( And so, we had sth else!
Roasted Chicken Rice with Sunny-Side-Up Egg (RM5.80 if not mistaken). The chicken rice was really fragrant, unlike certain places in which the oily rice just appears yellowish, but not flavorful.
Chicken Leg Meat
Stir-fried Manicai BeeHoon (forgotten the price). Not bad.
It's not very difficult to search for this cafe as most people are aware of A1, B2 Food Court, so C3 is just opposite! :)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hui Li's Birthday @ Mike's Smokehouse

Located along the same row as Sidewalk Cafe, Mike's Smokehouse was our selected venue for Hui Li's birthday celebration. Mike's Smokehouse is also a new Western Restaurant in Kuching, earning the hearts of many cos of it's good food. Viewing thru their one-page menu, we finally decided on what to have. 
Cheese burger with a side of fries (RM24.90).
A huge half-pound beef patty with bacon, melting cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Looks so good, right? But this was not my order.. Hehe~ So unable to give any comments.
Tadaa~ Here came ours! Good for 2 person! Cos it's a whole kampung chicken! Roasted Chicken with Roasted Potatoes (RM45.90). Although it took some time to prepare this dish, but it was worth the wait. The flesh was so juicy, flavorful and succulent. 
Food price here are a bit of the high-end as compared to other dining outlets that also serve good food but at a cheaper price. Ok, moving on to the celebration photos:
Birthday gal with her Prince Charming. XP
Make a wish~ Make a wish~
A group photo of the ladies. I actually had a photo of the whole group including the guys. Unfortunately, it was blur. :'( So, I guess just us, the gals, could be on the post.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Three Meals Steamboat 一日三餐之火锅

There's a new Steamboat buffet concept arising in Kuching! Porridge Steamboat!! Wow! This was my first time to come across porridge steamboat and without much hesitation, we paid a visit to Three Meals Steamboat 一日三餐之火锅. Although the place was located at Kuching City Mall, Desa Wira, quite away from town, it's not very difficult to locate it. It's just next to the famous Ling Loong Seafood.
The clean and pleasant place for steamboat
Ingredients Station. Not forgetting to mention, they have unlimited servings of frog legs 田鸡 too, and that goes best with porridge! Some fresh meat like beef, lamb, chicken and fish slices are served upon request.

There are a couple of steamboat soups available like herbal soup, tom yam soup and so on. We had the "Yin Yang", which means we can choose two broths of our liking. Of cos, not to be missed was the porridge and another one we opt for herbal soup. :)

Tadaa~~ All the fresh ingredients we could take from the Ingredients Station:

Cooking our food in the broths! The longer and the more ingredients you put in, the better is the broths. Especially the porridge. I had so many frog legs inside and it's so sweet! Yummy!
Although they do not have much choices of food as other buffets offer in town, but their food were all very fresh and nice. Priced at RM25.90, it's definitely worth trying!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Groupon Deal from Gourmet Sausage

Gourmet Sausage is one of the popular Western Restaurants in Brighton Square. I bought this Groupon Offer at RM55 in which we could choose 4 main dishes from 2-Lost-Pigs, Gourmet Sausage and the Ultimate Pork Burger. Upon that, we were given a set of Dinosaur Wings Bucket.
M&M Milkshake. I like!
Dinosaur Wings Bucket. The deep-fried chicken wings were covered in sweet and spicy sauce. Nice!
Gourmet SausageJumbo sausage with fire-grilled bacon, served with mashed potatoes and salad. The sausage was really nice, wrapped in the fragrantly grilled bacon and covered with their homemade special meat sauce.
Ultimate Pork BurgerBurger with bacon, cheese, ham, tomatoes, onion and fried egg, served with fries. You will not regret ordering this burger!
2-Lost-Pigs. One hot dog comprising pork sausage served with meat sauce and the other was bacon-wrapped. This was really a huge portion~ Both tasted great. The hot-dog bun used was spread with butter and nicely baked that gives the crunchy texture at each bite. 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

What's to offer for breakfast @ Lao Ya Keng, Carpenter Street

I guess nobody in Kuching is unaware of Lao Ya Keng's food. So, without lengthy description, I shall just move to the food available for breakfast! There are Kueh Chap, Kolo Mee and Laksa. Of cos, I couldn't have that much at a time, so I shall just introduce you the famous Laksa. The Laksa stall here is famous for the mixed ingredients unlikely to be found in other Laksa operators. Instead of just sliced chicken, prawns, omelettes and bean sprouts, they serve chicken gizzards and clams too. 
Laksa (RM5.00). Special ones can go up to RM8++. =.=
Lek Tau Suan / Green Bean Porridge (RM2.30 for takeaway).  Nice!! This is also very famous in Kuching. Operating for decades just opposite the Lao Ya Keng. 

My first try @ ZenQ Desserts 仙Q甜品

ZenQ Desserts is similar to Blackball, Snowflake, MeetFresh etc., but this is the first franchise to set foot in Kuching. It has been around for some time and I always see people buzzing in especially at night. I finally stepped into the shop for the first time with an intention to compare with Blackball which I think was rather nice.
Choose Your Own ZenQ (RM7.50). I chose my own toppings which were the Q Yuans which were Taro Balls, Mashed Yam,  Lotus Seeds, Black Pearls and Ice Cream as a replacement for their finished Grass Jelly. There were three choices of bases to select from and I opt for the Matcha Ice. I do not know how to describe as there were so many stuffs that tasted differently yet blending well with one another, but it's nice and I will be back for more. :)
The service counter.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

SIA Food Court @ City One

Tempted by the sizzling dishes Randall and Darren ordered the other day at Summer Mall's Food Court, we also tried out the ones in City One's SIA Food Court. 
Mongolian Chicken with Rice and Sunny side-up Egg (RM9.50). 
Black Pepper Chicken with Noodles (RM8.50). The set was supposed to be with Rice, but I asked for a change to noodles. :D Tasted quite ok, prefered this over the Mongolian Chicken thou. Well.. It came out rather a disappointment as it was not sizzling as what my friends got in Summer Mall.

Past Manhattan Fish Market's Groupon Deal

Well.. If you check it out, the dishes here came from the deal from Manhattan Fish Market offered in Groupon months ago. I know I'm kinda late, but it's never too late to introduce good food yay..? Hehe~
The deal was on the Giant Fried Platter Set Meal with Drinks for 2pax (RM49)
Gummy Bear for our drinks. Looks weird to me at first due to the color, but it was surprisingly so frizzy and refreshing.
Garden Salad. A light appetizer to fill our tummy first as we were going to wait long for our main course.
Garlic Herb Mussels. This was good. The mussels were not overcooked and flooded with the creamy, tasty garlic herbs sauce.
Garlic Bread
Creamy Mushroom Penne which we ordered as an extra dish. Very nice too. Sauteed in fresh mushrooms, it was milky and will make you ask for more!
Giant Fried Platter. As the name goes, it's GIANT! With garlic rice beneath, the platter consisted of deep-fried fish cutlets, prawns, calamari, country mushrooms chips and also some vege. 
Are you sure this deal is for 2? We came in 3 and ordered just an extra dish of penne, but was unable to finish the garlic rice and chips. Definitely worth trying!
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