Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My favorite fruit!!

It's the DURIAN season!! So happy!! I'm a durian freak! My favorite fruit of all. Too bad that it's fattening. Can't take much at one go :( If not, I will surely take it every now and then. As we all know, durian is not available all the time. They have their fruit-blooming season. This time, to avoid any disappointments, we kept buying durians during the cheap season and you know what we did? Stock up our freezer with durians!! Took out the flesh together with the seeds and kept it sealed in containers so that the odor won't fill up the whole fridge. We definitely bought a lot and I get to enjoy my durians all year round regardless of season. :D :D :D Of cos it won't taste like what we get fresh from the immediate consumption of the durian, but it gives a different kind of texture. Tasted like Durian Ice Cream! Not too bad ye~~ As long as I can enjoy my durian anytime, I'm happy to have it in any forms! Hehe~~

Creamy Fresh Tasty Durians!!

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