Monday, 31 March 2014

Eileen's Birthday Surprise @ Portico Restaurant

Eileen's birthday was around the corner and we had plan ahead. She was told by Joe to have dinner with her and we were there to surprise her! Hehe~ After discussing some surprising strategies, we decided to have this happy occasion at the new restaurant in town - Portico. Waiting anxiously for the arrival of Eileen and tadaa~ we appeared with a slice of birthday cake! Haha~~
Smiling sweetly
Photo first before eating
Done with the birthday wishing, we were ready for food ordering and makan-makan!
They have 2 sizes of drinks: Normal (left) and Jumbo (right)

We had the Pizza Meal 1 (RM28.90) in which comes with 1 choice of pizza, 2 mushroom soups and 2 glasses of drinks.
Mushroom Soup. Not too bad.
Deluxe Pizza (which we had to top up RM2 upon RM28.90 for this choice of pizza). It's a combination of Parmesan and Mozarella Cheese on tomato pizza sauce & garnished with parsley. The cheese used wasn't very rich which I would like it to be thou.
Grilled Chicken Chop (RM18.00). Chicken thigh served with cheesy mushroom or black pepper sauce.
We had the cheesy mushroom sauce. The sauce was rather bland.
Aurora Chicken Chop (RM25). Chicken thigh deep-fried, served with onion rings, green salad and pineapple.
Roasted Chicken (RM18). Served on top of mashed potatoes, the roasted chicken was kinda small. Tasted nice, but would prefer if it's not placed directly on top of the mashed potatoes.
Seafood Fried Rice (RM10-small). Served with mussels and stir-fried with prawns and squids, we must say this was their best dish among all. Very fragrant and tasty!
Baked Creamy Cheese Macaroni (RM25). Wanted something really cheesy, so ordered this. It's baked macaroni with chicken meat, mushrooms, topped with Mozarella cheese and cheese powder. Not cheesy pun.. :(
The food was not very satisfying, but neither too bad. Worth-trying thou. They have Foie Gras too, which I'm gonna try some day. :D

OK3 Kopitiam Dim Sum Galore

I always like to try out new food and so, for breakfast option, dim sum is something which you can enjoy a couple of different food choices. However, it's kinda fattening, so I don't always go for it. Back to OK3 Kopitiam, this time bringing George. 
After some surveying, George ordered this - chicken, char sio and crispy roasted pork rice set (RM8 if not mistaken). For this portion, I think it was quite worth it. Furthermore, it's quite tasty! :)
Ok.. My turn to hunt for food. And haha~~ George was shocked to see me coming back with trays of dim sums! LOL! We first saw the couple behind ordering a lot and just commented about it. And I came back even more!! He was totally stunted! HAHAHAHA!

The Lo Mai Gai and Custard Yolk Bun were good. The rest were just ok la.. 

Fat Cat's Food for Breakfast!

So here we went again to Fat Cat for breakfast. Trying out new stuff of cos. :D
Kueh Chap (RM6). Claimed to originate from Carpenter Street's. Tasted different, but not bad la..
Chicken Rice (RM5-6). Well~ I do not really know how to differentiate tasty Chicken Rice as I think they all taste similar.
Roti Planta Cheese if not mistaken. Surprisingly good. Very crispy and I always like it to be sweet. :)
Nice Popiah (RM2.50/RM3) freshly made from Irene Delicacies.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pullman Cakes

Cakes are the killer of my diet plan! Cannot resist it! Haha!

Forgotten the names of the cakes, can I just say all the cakes were fantastic? :D Especially the last one - *Cheesecake!! Yum!!

Dine @ Portico Restaurant

This was our 2nd visit to Portico, but this was the 1st time we tried out the dishes available. They have choices of Asian and also Western Cuisines which vary from rice dishes, soups, appetizers, salads, pastas, pizzas, poultry etc. Portico was claimed to be the previous i-Chef Cuisine and now have relocated to a new location nearby Civic Centre, along the way uphill to SJK Chung Hua No. 1 school. Without hesitation, let me introduce the foods we tried out.
Spaghetti Carbonara (RM14). Mixed with beef bacon and cream, the spaghetti was quite ok. Not very salty and the portion was just right as carbonara tends to cause irritation to some people with more consumption.
Potatoes Mash (RM5). Very reasonably priced. Texture was good, but tasted a bit bland. Although was stated have been mixed with cream, milk, butter and served with their black pepper sauce, I think it still need more flavorings or sauce.
Grilled Chicken Chop (RM18). Served with fries and salads, the chicken thigh was greatly grilled. Just that we prefer a heavier taste of sauce.
Aurora Chicken Chop (RM25). Topped with deep fried onion rings, pineapple ring, cheesy garlic bread and served with a side of salad, the crispy chicken cutlet was very nice to be eaten along with the 2 sauces given especially the mushroom sauce. We eventually asked for more mushroom sauce later. :D
Smoked Duck Salad (RM22). This is another recommended dish to have at Portico! Being as a salad, this was quite a huge portion. With 200g of smoked duck, this dish could satisfy and fill up a person's tummy. The salty smoked duck meat tasted great with their sweet-tasting homemade sauce.
Chicken Moscow (RM28). Rolled chicken fillet with turkey ham/beef bacon & mozarella cheese, serving along with salads and fries. It was kinda small in portion. Tasted ok, but I think Aurora Chicken Chop is more worth the value.
Done with dinner and off we went for desserts!! :D

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Kenyalang Old Market Food Galore

Guess what?! Kenyalang Old Market has been around for ages and been known for lots of nice hawker food, but I never been there. Finally had my chance. :D 
As recommended by many and also my gal friends, we had Kenyalang's Old Market Char Kueh and Pisang Goreng.
Salty version of Char Kueh. We also had the sweet one which I think was better than this. The image was blur, so I did not upload. 
Banana Fritters. Very very long queue for this.
Mackerel Fish Ball Kolo Mee. Not bad.
Special. Nice.
So far, I think the food here was ok. Tasted better ones thou.

Lundu Makan-Makan

It's a free weekend, so we drove to Lundu to makan-makan. Not only to makan lunch, but also to makan angin. :D And so, after walking around the small Lundu town under the scorching hot sun, we searched for a makan spot. Ended up in a corner shop which we used to dine there before. So, from the tauke nio's recommendations and selection from us, these were what we had:
Butter Chicken. Well~ I must say it was good. Chicken stir-fried in sweet creamy butter and topped with some sesame seeds.
Mix Vege. One Chinese dish which seldom goes wrong.
Mountain pork 山猪 stir fried in soy sauce and ginger. This was nice too. The meat was tender and not too chewy or hard which is normally the case when people cook this kind of pork. A bit salty but went great with white rice. 
Great lunch enjoyed!! :) *thou not much of makan angin. :P

Thursday, 27 March 2014

New menu @ Gourmet Sausage

Gourmet Sausage offered this very good Groupon value deal again! Never fail to buy the deals from Gourmet as the food they served were good and they always give very attractive offer. This time, the deal is for a group of 4 in which we could select from Lamb Chop Rice, Pork Chop Rice, Chicken Chop Rice or Double Pork Burger. In each rice set, the grilled "chops" were served with rice, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, sausage and fried egg.
Lamb Chop Rice (RM17.90). 
Pork Chop Rice (RM15.90). 
Chicken Chop Rice (RM14.90).
Double Pork Burger (RM12.90). Served with fries.
All the dishes were great. For the rice set, pork chop rice was the most recommended one. As usual, their pork burgers never fail to disappoint us. Yummy! I guessed they are good in making pork-dishes. All these were only sold at RM35 in the Groupon Deal! Worth it, isn't it?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pan Mee @ Shan City Kopitiam

When I wanna go for pan mee, Shan City Kopitiam, Brighton Square has always been my first choice. Apart from pan mee, they also serve rice dishes.
Dry Pan Mee with pork. Thick noodles texture. 
Pan Mee Soup which I love most. They hae 3 types of pan mee style to choose from - thin, thick or kuay type. This was the Kuay type. The soup version always comes with dried anchioves, vege, minced pork, fish balls and pork balls. Delicious!
The curry noodles were also recommended. They serve with very nice fried pork belly. :D

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Emilia's Birthday @ Li Garden 梨苑酒家

After the great afternoon session with the gals, we had another celebration going on at night! It's Emilia's big day!! A great honor to be invited to Li Garden 梨苑酒家 for her birthday dinner. 

We were first served with their famous Peking Duck. The waitress was taking her sweet time slicing the duck skin in front of us. 
Flat breads to go along with the duck skin.
Cucumber slices to wrap together with.
Crispy! Can't wait to eat!
That's how we do it. Crispy duck roll! Wrap the duck skin, cucumber and topped with their special sweet sauce.
Marmite Pork if not mistaken
Sorry.. Forgotten what was this.
Sweet and Sour Fried Chicken
Japanese Tofu with Mushrooms and Floss
Butter Prawns in 2 versions. Sweet and creamy ones on the left (which I like it better) and fried ones on the right.
Leftover Duck Meat being minced and stir-fried to be wrapped in lettuces. Kinda wasted the duck meat I think as not much was left. Having it in roasted form is good enough.
Venison in Chili and Soy Sauce. The meat was very tender.
Mixed Vegetables.
Lastly, Honeydew Sago for dessert. Great!
All the foods served were quite up to expectations. Prices were reasonable as well. Hope to dine in again. :D

That's not the end of it, what is a birthday without the cutting cake, birthday wishing and photo-taking?
George and me with the birthday lady!
Sin Wee was so kind to take a couple shoot for us using her new Instacamera. Love this pic! Kept it in my purse~  (*≧∀≦*)
Here's the birthday gal!

Group photo with her Swinburne coursemates
With us!
Time to get the cake cut and have our 2nd dessert of the night! :P

❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ Love these pics!
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