Monday, 12 May 2014

铁排屋 Hot plate sizzling noodles

So this is the place where they serve sizzling hot plate noodles with grilled meats of ur choice in Kenyalang. There's also another place selling this Taiwanese concept of grill in 4.5 mile area, which our friends recommended this more.
As on board of their grilled stall, you could see the easy and simple menu.
Toasts were freshly oven-baked once orders had been made.
With each set of grills ordered, customers get a complimentary set of garlic bread and mushroom soup.
Hot from oven Butter Garlic Bread.
Light-tasting mushroom soup.
Grilled Chicken Chop (RM15). Nicely grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce served on spaghetti cooked in tomato sauce. Baked beans and awesome sunny side up was served. 
Beef Steak (RM18). With tomato-based sauce spaghetti, egg and baked beans, beef steak with black pepper sauce was presented. The beef steak was grilled to just the right level as we requested to have medium rare. Juicy and tender. We preferred the black pepper sauce served here instead of the mushroom sauce chosen above for the chicken. Delicious! 
The grills here are definitely worth trying for this price and portion especially the beef steak. :D

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