Saturday, 31 May 2014

Astana Grilled Burger & Satay

Astana Grilled Burger is one of the famous burger stalls in Kuching. It is operated by Malays, so it's Halal. Operating the business at their house along Jalan Astana, they allocated a little outdoor dining area for customers to enjoy their homemade grilled burgers. Selling a couple of different types of burgers, we opt for the Overload Chicken Grilled Burger (RM 7.50). As I had some difficulties in biting, so I only had the chicken meat and had it like having western cuisine. >.<

Chicken meat with an extra slice of pineapple added with extra charge. Quite nice. :)
Our main purpose here was actually to have the satays from the neighbors as our friends said it was good. Like Astana Grilled Burger, they also set up dining spot at their garden, so we just walked over to grab some satays!
Got ourselves Lamb, Beef and Chicken!
Huge lamb chunks on the skewer (RM1.00 each). Delicious, but have a definite amount of fats.
Chicken Satay (RM0.50 each). Nice too!
Beef Satay (RM0.50 each). Love this the most. The meat was tender, not too chewy for me to munch.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Breakfast @ OK3 Kopitiam

No idea where to go for breakfast as my mum wanted to have glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf and Silver Needle Noodles, we went to OK3 as not many places sell Dim Sum in Kuching.
Xiao Lung Bao (RM4.50). Bursting juicy steamed pork dumplings. Good!
Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (RM4.50). 
Kinda dry. Wasn't as good as we had previously. The dim sums quality seems to vary from time to time.
There wasn't Silver Needle Noodles served, so we had Dry Kolo Kueh Tiao. Ok ok la..

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Gim's Burger!

What was our initial plan for the night already??? Well~ I only remembered coming down from Summer Mall, turning around Samarahan shoplots for foods and ended up finding nothing. Then, we wanted to go somewhere which was close that night, so we got our burger cravings fixed by heading to Gim's Burger. After looking at the brief menu on board, we decided to have The Cranburger and Cheezor Beef Burger. 
The Cranburger (RM11.90). Crinkle fries was served together. What  made this good was the cranberry sauce used which was slightly sweet in taste. Chicken breast was used and topped with a slice of pineapple, cheese lettuce, tomato slice and fried onions. I opt for charcoal bun which required another add-on of RM0.50. Not bad la, but wasn't very overwhelmed. I love the most was the fries. It was mixed with herbs, kinda different in taste. :)

Cheezor Beef Burger (RM14.90). For the beef patty option, we selected Cheezor Beef Burger for the extra cheezy taste and bacon slice. Look at the melting cheese.. Yum yum~ The patty was ok, like the usual patty we always have. It's quite thick thou. 
The burgers here were just ok in my personal opinion. Fries were excellent! Price is on the higher side.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #7: SS2 Musang King Durian

Before heading to the airport, we must go to have Musang King Durian at SS2! Despite that we were all so terribly full, we had to reserve space for the durians!
Apart from Musang King, they have lots of 'branded' durians for sale too.
The staff opening the durians for us.
Extremely creamy and yellow flesh! It wasn't really very sweet which I would like it to be. It had a tangy kind of taste, different from the usual sweet local durians in Kuching.

Monday, 26 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #6: Ikea Restaurant

It was our last day in KL. After having breakfast at the hotel, we asked the taxi driver to send us to 1 Utama. Shopping done, had our lunch at the Ikea Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for their meatballs which are cheap and delicious. When we got there, it was really crowded that it was not easy to grab a table. George and I went to get our orders. As we had the big-eater Dui in our group, we did not have to worry about not finishing our foods. Haha~ 

The all-time-favorite Swedish Meatballs! It might seemed weird to be served with jam, but the combination tasted just perfect. Mashed potatoes was smooth and creamy.
Chicken leg with Swedish herb and lemon sauce. Quite nice too.
Poached salmon with chive sauce. Not our likings thou.
Chicken Wings. Delicous!
Almond Cake. Yummeh~
Forgotten what cake was this. Not bad too.
Creme Brulee
We ordered another plate of Beef Ribs with Fries later as George was so tempted by it since early. The meat was so soft that it teared easily from the ribs. Good!
Overall, the food was quite good. Cheap of cos.

KL Food Hunt #5: Sungei Wang Hotel Middle East Restaurant

It was raining while we enjoyed our cakes at Tous Le Jours. Wanted to get some supper snacks at Jalan Alor, but was terrified by the heavy rain. So, we took our relaxing stroll back to our hotel. Just as we passed by the Middle East Restaurant of Sungei Wang Hotel, was attracted to the on-the-spot kebab selling and George said it was good, so I gave it a try. At the same time, they suggested why not having supper in the restaurant, trying out some Middle Eastern food. 
Chicken Kebab which I enjoyed a lot. Love the popiah-like skin. :D
Mix Platter Set which we shared out. Some were delicious, 1 or 2 was not favorable. Wraps were given for free to go with these meats.
Our supper including drinks costed abt RM100.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #4: Tous Les Jours

Was so delighted to see a very beautiful bakery shop opening at WOLO, Bukit Bintang, just opposite H&M, named Tous Les Jours. We were at first kinda hesitated to go into the shop as it was so classy-looking and assuming the foods should be pricey. However, no harm just to have a look, right? Once we took a look at the cakes displayed, we were whispering to ourselves:"Hey, it wasn't that expensive after all. Standard price (~RM10/slice)." So, without much thoughts, we decided to sit down and relax, enjoying our desserts at this late night and later hunt for supper! :D 
Ordered the Red Velvet Cake and 'Devil's Food' Dark Chocolate Cake.

Yummehh~~ Call me a dessert freak!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #3: Under Bridge, Old Klang Road

Dinner time was up and it's all about food! Having the taxi uncle to pick us up, he brought us to one of KL's famous place for dinner which is unusual for tourists to come about. Situated at Old Klang Road, I have no clue where was the exact location as there was no signboard either. What's famous here?? Steamed fish head!! The place was crowded with locals and many were seen having fish, Bak Kut Teh, Claypot dishes etc. Despite of the heavy crowd, it did not take long for us to be served.
Let's have a look at what we had:
Steamed Tofu in Soy Sauce and Topped with Dried Shrimps. Delicious!
Black Pepper Pork Stomach Soup. Something common in Kuching.
Stir-fried Vege.
Chinese Rice Wine Chicken 黄酒鸡. Very strong aroma and flavor of the wine. Yummy and nutritious!
There are a couple types of steamed fish recipes used here. We ordered  the Steamed Fish Head in Yellow Bean Sauce. Very appetizing! I just love freshly steamed fish!
Another one: Steamed Fish with Ginger. Milder tasting sauce used to give a lighter taste. As tasty as well! Most important was the fresh fish used. Thumbs up!! 
Forgotten the price thou. Yum yum!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #2 @ Snowflakes, Pavilion Mall

What's for tea break after a shopping spree??? SNOWFLAKES!! All of us got ourselves a bowl each. Yummy!

This was their Bestseller (RM6.90)
Japan Combo (RM7.90). Matcha-flavored balls with pearls and red beans on the soya-based crushed ice. Slurpps!!!
Sesame Supreme (RM8.90). With matcha ice cream and all the yummy taro balls on black sesame ice.
Ocha'Ryo (RM7.90). Black sesame chewy balls, pearls and red beans as the toppings for the deliciously green-tea tasting ice! :)
Tohua Mix (RM6.90). This came in hot cos of the tohua. Not our preference.
Now I'm craving for desserts.. =.=

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My favorite fruit!!

It's the DURIAN season!! So happy!! I'm a durian freak! My favorite fruit of all. Too bad that it's fattening. Can't take much at one go :( If not, I will surely take it every now and then. As we all know, durian is not available all the time. They have their fruit-blooming season. This time, to avoid any disappointments, we kept buying durians during the cheap season and you know what we did? Stock up our freezer with durians!! Took out the flesh together with the seeds and kept it sealed in containers so that the odor won't fill up the whole fridge. We definitely bought a lot and I get to enjoy my durians all year round regardless of season. :D :D :D Of cos it won't taste like what we get fresh from the immediate consumption of the durian, but it gives a different kind of texture. Tasted like Durian Ice Cream! Not too bad ye~~ As long as I can enjoy my durian anytime, I'm happy to have it in any forms! Hehe~~

Creamy Fresh Tasty Durians!!

KL Food Hunt #1: 永香海参瓦堡肉骨茶 Restoran Weng Heong

Got to KL at noon, so we had the taxi uncle, who was a friend to George's dad, to have Klang Bak Kut Teh. Taking about an hour ride from LCCT, we got to the crowded 永香海参瓦堡肉骨茶 Restoran Weng Heong. Having 3 shop lots to cater the big crowd, they also have 3 separate kitchens to have their Bat Kut Teh served fast.

Ah Dui - so happy. 
Hot boiling water in kettle just beside our tables.
Serving us with teas.
The place was starred in newspapers.
Here comes our Bat Kut Teh served in Claypot. Big pork bone with all the pork ingredients in the hot delicious herbal soup.
Pork Intestines. Yummy! They had it cleaned thoroughly.
Chicken Feet
First time having Pork Tendons! So so so delicious!!!
All these for 6 persons with rice and drinks! Damn full. Costed us abt RM110-120. Awesome!
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