Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lunch @ Medan Selera Taman Free School

After a sumptious dim sum breakfast in the morning, we went out for lunch AGAIN!! There were lots of stall in Medan Selera Taman Free School. I was still full, so I only ordered Ice Kacang. This was my first ever Penang Ice Kacang. It's nice. The red bean was big and mushy.. Lots of shaved ice and topped with peanuts. You can also have additional ice cream. In order to watch out for my diet, I did not want to have ice cream as I would be consuming too much calories for the day.
Ice Kacang (RM2.00)
Pork Rib Mee Sua. Looks good. 
Penang Laksa. 
A perfect snack of You Cha Kueh, Ngo Hiang, Tau Fu and Century Egg. 

Nonya Kuehs - Nine Layer Kueh (九层糕) and Kuih Talam. You can find lots of Nonya Kuehs in Penang.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Maxim Dim Sum @ Pekaka Square

If you ask any Penangites, they will definitely recommend Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant. I was there last weekend for breakfast. The restaurant already occupied three shop lots, but that is not enough. They even set up tables and chairs outside and some customers eventually had to grab a seat at U-Soya. There's a reason for having such a huge crowd. First of all, they have lots and lots of dim sum choices for you to pick from. Secondly, the food served are of course up to standard to attract so many food critics. Some people even say that you can get the best dim sum here. A dim sum breakfast is always accompanied with chinese tea. So, help yourself!!
Steamed Dim Sums
Pau. I was told by my friend that the pau here is nice. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I'm a pau lover, I did not try this as my stomach capacity would not be able to fit in the other dim sums.
Fried stuffs
Egg Tarts
Our first round of dim sum

Fried Yam with Meat Filling. YUM YUM~~
Fish Balls with Almond Flakes. LOVE it!
Har Gao
Custard Bun. Never miss this when I have dim sum.
Something I must show also when I take this.. Haha.. The custard filling is a very important factor to its deliciousness. I think it wasn't that nice as it was cold already.
Porridge. I did not have this as it would be very filling.

Chee Cheong Fun. Nice!!
Fish Balls. Just normal la..
Pork Rib.
Char Koay Kak (Fried Rice Cake or rather known as Char Kueh in Kuching). This was good too!
Pandan Egg Tart. Nothing Special. The skin was a little bit too thick.
Garlic Mussels!! Slurpss~~ Didn't know that mussels are part of dim sums as well??

Fish Balls wrapped in Brinjals. I don't like to eat brinjal, but I must say this was NICE!
I have no idea what this is called. It's crystal dumpling skin wrapped with some vege, nuts and prawn. 
Another fish ball thingy.. Nothing special as well.
Siew Mai.. This was good~~~ 

Dinner @ Restaurant Thai Baiyok, The Heritage Club

They say that the Thai cuisine in Penang is quite authentic. Thailand is just a few hours drive from Penang. And of course, there are really a lot of Thai restaurants or stalls in Penang. Unlike in Kuching, you can count the number of Thai restaurants (Bangkok Thai, Mango Tree & ....... is there anymore??) 

The Heritage Club not only houses "Absolute Fitness", which is a gym center, there's also a Thai restaurant called Thai Baiyok. This is one of Aunty's family's favorite dining place for Thai food. I must say the food was really DELICIOUS!!

Khai Jeow Cha Om 

Pandan Chicken

Goong Khai Daeng (Deep fried bread with salted egg and prawn). Tasted really good!!

Tom Yam Fish. This was awesome. It's sour and spicy!

Mango salad. The sweet mango is topped with some ikan bilis, cashew nuts, peanuts. The taste just blended so well. 

Finally, the meal ended with a bowl of Thai dessert, Thap Thim Krop. It might look simple, but you would be amazed by the ingredients. There were fresh coconuts, water chestnuts, sago and jackfruit. The dessert was served cold with fresh santan. =p~

Wan Tan Meee~~ @ O&N Coffee Shop

The Wan Tan mee from O&N Coffee Shop, Island Glades is one of the recommended wanton mee in Penang. I'm so lucky cos it's located just behind Aunty's house. I'm not quite sure how to rate a tasty wantan mee, but the taste suits me. Anyway, I'm not so picky in food. The wantan mee was very Q, served with both fried and steamed dumplings, char siew and also some vege. The mee was mixed with yummy sweet soy sauce. =p~ Forgotten about the price. It's quite cheap, but Penang's hawker food are normally cheap. Hee..

Friday, 28 September 2012

2nd Visit @ Korean Cafe Gil

Revisited the Korean Cafe Gil. We were having a visit to USM labs and headed here for lunch with all the project members and also our supervisor, Dr.Nina and my manager, Khairul. I had Ddukbogi this time. It's spicy rice cake with fish bar and vegetables, but not spicy for me actually. Instead, it's kind of sweet, but I like it. It's nice! As usual, we were served with complementary Kimchi which can be refilled.
Ddukbogi (RM8.00) 
A closer view
We also had Boo Chin Gae (Korean pancake), Kimbap (Korean Sushi) and Hoddeok (Korean pancake with sweet brown sugar and cinnamon filling) to be shared among all. The Hoddeok was really GOOD! Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any photos of it. :(
Boo Chin Gae (RM8.00). I think it's just egg with some seafood and vege. Nothing special.

Kimbap. I prefer Japanese sushi. :D

Monday, 24 September 2012

Pan Mee @ Hou Mei Yuen 好味园

Hou Mei Yuen 好味园 is a popular shop in Bukit Jambul selling Pan Mee. Typical Pan Mee or 板面 in Chinese is flat noodles served with anchioves, minced pork and some vegetables. It is normally served in soup, but there are also dried ones in which the mee is cooked with black soya sauce. This shop here have both dry and soup pan mee. The pan mee also comes in either thick or thin mee. This is a famous place for workers around during lunch hour regardless of the weather. They also have Rojak and Dim Sum to satisfy your crave.

CROWDED!!! They were lucky that the weather was not hot.

Penang Rojak (RM5.00) NICE!!! Penang Rojak is like fruit rojak. I personally think that it's nicer than Kuching Rojak.
Dry Pan Mee
Pan Mee Soup (RM 2.80)
Fish Ball Soup (RM2.00)
Belacan.. I realize that many hawker stalls in Penang have Belacan Sauce and it's really nice cos u can taste the shrimp.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Korean cuisine @ Korean Cafe Gil

There is a Korean food cafe near to our training center. It's at the shoplots below Ivory Plaza, opposite USM at Bukit Gambier Road. The shop is operated by a Korean couple, selling authentic and relatively cheap Korean food. 

Interior of the shop:
Cute and nice displays with some Korean celebrities' posters
Pleasant and clean looking store. Spot the Korean Tauke Nio beside? :P
Menus. Thier menu was nicely wrapped with cute clothes.
Bibimbap (RM8.00). You can have either beef or chicken. 
Bibimbap added and mixed with Bibimbap Sauce. YUMMY!! 
Each person was also served with Kimchi which can be refilled endlessly. Enjoy K-Pop while indulging in your food~~

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