Thursday, 1 May 2014

Joyce's Birthday Celebration @ Cafe Cafe, Rubber Road

Gladly invited by George's friend, Joyce to have a simple birthday celebration at Cafe Cafe / The Original Car Wash, at Rubber Road, just opposite Rumah Hijau Cafe. I had been wanting to try the foods here and so here's my chance! Heard that the foods here were in big portions and were nice in taste as well. We ordered a couple of dishes to be shared among us. They serve both Asian and Western dishes, so we had a mix from both corners.
Potato Tuna Salad (RM10). Well.. I really love this! Cold potatoes tossed with tuna flakes, egg mayo and hard boiled egg slices. Very generous in their serving size as well in respect to this price.
Chou Chai Big Bee Hoon Soup with Prawns (RM22). This is a Foochow dish from the Asian food section, sour in taste due to the Chou Chai. People had been recommending this dish not just because of the taste, but also the portion. It could feed 2 people if no other dishes were ordered. Very appetizing as it was quite sour. 
Grilled Lamb Chop with Mint Vinaigrette (RM25). This is also one of the recommended dishes. Served along with side veges, the lamb chop was grilled with herbs and also buttery mint sauce to dip on. Of cos the sauce gave extra fragrance and flavorings, but we did not dare to consume too much (high fat contents!!).
Grilled Chicken Chop with Homemade Brown Sauce (RM22). This was delicious. With their sweet homemade sauce, these 2 pieces of tender chicken chop will definitely satisfy your taste buds and tummy. I personally favor this dish over the lamb chop.
They also serve desserts which I would like to try next round! :D
A shoot outside the cafe after our dinner. With Vivian and Joyce.
After our dinner, we hang out at Cupella for coffee and switched to Vivian's house for Joyce's birthday countdown.
Vivian made this Chocolate Chip Moist Cake just for Joyce! 
Happy Birthday!!!

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