Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Oishi! - New Japanese Restaurant in Town

So, here's this new Japanese Restaurant in Kuching, located at Rock Road, 2.5 mile area, named Oishi!. We just passed by that day and they were doing some renovations, then all of a sudden, members from Kuching Food Critic announced the opening of the shop where they serve good Japanese foods at a lower rate. Off we went to try out the food there. Upon entering, we picked a table and was served by the waitress with menu. The place was rather simple in decoration, a small place to cater a couple of tables.
Menu presented
After spending some time studying the menu, finally decided on what to have.
Chicken Teriyaki Don (RM9.80). Quite nice, but I don't like the over use of onions. 
Salmon Sashimi (RM8.90). I think this was kinda pricey as 3 slices were served only and it's quite thin. >.<
Salmon Avocado Salad (RM7.80). This dish was the best so far. With slices of salmon sashimis, the salas was tossed in thousand island dressing, sesame seeds and either tobiko or ebiko. Nice!
Potato Salad (RM5.80). For this price, the portion was definitely too small. The one in Sanga tasted much better and bigger in portion as well. 

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