Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pullman Weekend High-Tea Buffet

Delighted to be invited by Pullman Kuching to their newly launched Weekend High-Tea Buffet at Puzzle Restaurant. Available on every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm, every adult would just have to pay RM42+ to enjoy the wide spread of food choices especially DESSERTS~~
First of all is the spot for appetizers. This tray here has some ingredients for you to make your own Rojak.

Up next is some greens in which you can make salad of your choice with the variety of salad pastes available.

And of course, they have some pre-mix salads like pasta salad, fruit salad and coleslaw.

I find this part of the salad station much more appetizing and delicious. There are beef sausage salad, chicken lyoner salad. Probably because I prefer meaty dishes. :D

They also serve soups like mushroom soup and chicken soup. I only tried the mushroom soup.

Some spring rolls, curry puffs, fried dim sums and quiche lorraine maybe?

Only tried this as the rest are not my type of food. Quite nice but it would be better if it's just out from the oven.

Noodle station where you can order Laksa or Kolo Mee with the ingredients you want from the chef working live. They have chicken shreds, prawns, fish balls, eggs etc. 

Moving on to the main dishes. Having served in front are the turkey ham croissant and mini tuna burgers. I have tried the croissants before which were lovely, so I tried the mini burgers.

Top left: Deep-fried chicken
Top right: Deep-fried fish fingers
Bottom left: Grilled beef in herbs sauce (yummy and tender)
Bottom right: Beef embedded in bread (forgotten the name)

Left: Penne (slurpsss)
Middle: Curry chicken 
Right: Fried beehoon

Left: Assam fish (had a lot of this)
Middle: Chicken sausage in pesto sauce (delicious too)
Right: Deep-fried squid 

Okay... Finally to the desserts corner! I must say all of them were awesome! 


Left: Mocha cheese cake
Right: Marble cheese cake
Both the cakes were damn rich and smooth!

Left: Strawberry slice cake
Right: Chocolate fudge

Melting chocolate in the puff! So good that I had a couple of this. The sweet chocolate sauce is well balanced when taken along with the puff.


Chocolate cakes which it's so difficult to resist!

Tarts. On the left is cheese tart and fruit tart on the right.

Some macarons, cookies to add on the calories. The macaron was good. Weren't too sweet.

Fruits as an healthy option.

They also serve shaved ice desserts in which we are free to pick our own ingredients. In local, we call it ABC. Besides that, there are also 3 other prepared desserts like chilled watermelon in coconut milk, red bean soup and green bean soup.

Well, I did not try everything there. I took one round first, seeing what they offer and with the hell lots of desserts, I restricted myself to less main dishes in order to cater more desserts. Haha.
Here's my 1st round.

2nd plate and more to go...

Third one!


Laksa with prawns and beehoon only. Served really hot which was great. Taste-wise, it wasn't really my liking, but George said it was good.

George 1st plate.

We actually had moreeeee than this but I was busy eating and forgotten everything about photo-taking. Instead of high-tea, it's a great lunch buffet we had!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Simple Dinner @ Expert Food Court, RH Plaza

There's quite a lot of food choices available at Expert Food Court located RH Plaza shop lots, BDC area. Wanted to have something light, so I ordered the Fish Slice Bee Hoon Soup . We spotted a special kind of Chee Cheong Fun, so ordered a plate of the Egg added Chee Cheong Fun with Shrimp and BBQ Pork.
Egg added Chee Cheong Fun with Shrimp and BBQ Pork. Nothing fascinating. >.< A bit tasteless
Fish Slice Bee Hoon Soup. Quite ok. Sourish taste. Like it cos it tasted like salted vege soup. :)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Another breakfast spot @ Woon Lam Cafe

Woon Lam Cafe, located opposite the old Upwell in town, just behind Secret Recipe, has been there for ages. There are quite a number of local hawker stalls in the coffee shop selling decent Sarawakian breakfast varieties. It's been a long time since I stepped into the place. The place is famous for the Kueh Chap, Laksa and also Cha Kueh. George went for the Kueh Chap and for me, not wanting to have such a heavy breakfast, I opt for Popiah and Cha Kueh which I shared with George.
Cha Kueh. Having it served in 2 flavors - sweet and salty. Nice!
Popiah. Not a bad choice either.
Kueh Chap. Rich in taste. Not bad too.

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