Sunday, 31 March 2013

Penang Food Hunt #12 @ Chulia Street

Just like Kimberley Street, Chulia Street is another famous Penang Food Street offering a variety of local hawker food and the famous ones were the Wanton Mee and Curry Mee. Xian Wen and Dr Hwang happened to visit Penang, so we brought them over to give these Penang food a try.
Loh Bak. A whole big plate of deep-fried stuff to be shared among us. The one at Kheng Pin Cafe was definitely better.
Wanton Mee (RM3 if not mistaken). Sweet black sauce with deep-fried wanton, steamed wanton and char siew. YUMMY! 
Another famous dish: Curry Mee. Love it too! Spicy curry sauce with lots of fresh seafood ingredients.
Curry Mee Stall. The crowd shows the popularity of the dish.
The WanTon Mee stall

Penang Food Hunt #11 @ Blackball, 1st Avenue Mall

Blackball Combo Dessert with Combo A and soya ice base (RM6.90)
Was walking around 1st Avenue Mall and came across the Blackball outlet. So, we sat down and dig into this dessert. I think that the outlet at D'Piazza Mall serves better desserts.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Penang Food Hunt #10 @ Kheng Pin Cafe, Penang Road

In just a few minutes walk from Cititel Hotel, Kheng Pin Cafe is one famous spot for breakfast among local Penangites and also tourists. There are lots of local hawker dishes sold and according to many, they have one of the nicest Penang Loh Bak. Loh Bak which is also known as Ngo Hiang, contains minced meat wrapped in beancurd skin and deep-fried in hot boiling oil. Without any hesitation, we headed straight to the cafe. 

Frying Process
A mix of everything - Loh Bak, Prawn Fitters, Fried Squids, Fried Chicken and Fried TauFu.
The sticky and starchy black sauce to dip in.
*We also noticed that the Chicken Rice Stall had very good business. The chicken meat looked so juicy and tender.

Penang Food Hunt #9 @ Jit Seng Hong Kong Roasted Duck Rice (日升香港烧鸭饭)

Searching for tasty duck rice in Penang? Try the Jit Seng Roasted Duck at Carnavon Street. You can see juicy roasted ducks hanging at the stall.

People queuing and waiting for their duck rice during lunch hours. 
Yummy Duck Rice. Crispy skin with soft and juicy meat. The complimentary black sweet sauce complete the taste.

A bowl of hot soup that is served along with the Duck Rice comes directly from this boiling hot pot!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Penang Food Hunt #8 @ Kimberley Street

What is Penang famous for? HAWKER FOOD!! There are a number of popular streets in GeorgeTown area selling various famous local hawker dishes. My first street-to-visit was Kimberley Street to try the very famous Duck Meat Kway Chap (鸭肉粿汁). They sell Duck Porridge too, but I went for the Kway Chap.
Duck Meat Kway Chap (鸭肉粿汁) (RM6.00). Although kinda pricey, there were lots of duck meat and pork ingredients. The taste was quite similar to Kuching's Kueh Chap. Just that we do not get duck meat in Kuching.
Apart from this, we also tried other local delicacies.
Fried Belacan Chicken. Not as fragrant as the one I had before. We were unfortunate that the deep fried salted fish toufu had finished. Must be good~
Slicing the chicken for us.
Dessert Stall

A mix of a couple of things (RM2.60). Forgotten the name.
Char Kway Teow (RM3.20 if not mistaken). Ordered this from a stall located in front of a coffee shop. Considered kinda expensive in Penang as there were no other ingredients. But out of our surprise, it tasted good! The egg was a little bit gooey and the dish was very fragrant.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Penang Food Hunt #7 @ Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

This was not my first time to try this famous local Penang dessert. Visit my previous blog for the location. There were less customers as it was a weekday afternoon. Being less busy, the Tauke eventually look at the camera when I tried to capture a picture of the stall.  
All the ingredients available.
Teochew Chendul (RM2.00). I mentioned before that I wasn't a fan of this Chendul as I prefer Kuching's version. To my surprise, I seemed to be getting fond of the Chendul after this visit. Not to say it beats Kuching's Chendul. Both are incomparable as they taste differently.

Penang Food Hunt #6 @ Toh Soon Cafe, Campbell Street

Located in a small alley at Campbell Street, Toh Soon Cafe is a famous spot for charcoal-baked toasts, half-boiled eggs and Hainanese coffee. We eventually passed by the alley where it is supposed to be and did not know it was there until we asked a security officer. Thanks to the uncle, we got our way to this one of local Penangites' favorite place for breakfast.

We were there quite late, so the crowd wasn't really heavy. Both of us ordered a set of toast with kaya and butter, half-boiled egg and coffee. While waiting to be served, I took some pictures of the surroundings.
Loaves of breads. They have different types of breads sold like wholemeal, charcoal and so on.
The alley where the cafe is located. 
The busy Tauke preparing drinks
The reason why they are famous. They still use the traditional way to toast bread over charcoal fire. And as you can see, they actually boil their water on top. 
 OK~ Our food is here!

Around RM 5.00 per set.
Hainanese Coffee. Both tasted great. The hot one would have a stronger aroma and richer taste. 
Half-boiled egg in a Cup. Yummy even without any seasonings! We find that many people just dipped their toasts with the egg, but we did not try that. 
Toast with Kaya and Butter. Emm~ Turns out to be not up to my expectation.
Steam bread with kaya and butter. Ordered this as we saw many ordering. This was nice and special. I think this deserves compliments instead of charcoal toasts.

Penang Food Hunt #5 @ Humble Beginnings, Straits Quay

Straits Quay is a beautiful place to have a stroll. There are also lots of dining spots around that place, ranging from Italian, German, Japanese etc. It was about a month before Chinese New Year, Straits Quay was decorated with CNY decorations, replacing the Christmas mode which just past. 
At the entrance

Our main purpose of course was not to look around only, but to try out the Mille Crepe by the new opening of Humble Beginnings. 

A lot of people love dessertss!!
I wanted to try the Matcha Latte, but too bad it was out of stock. Guess we were probably too late.  There are a couple of recommended crepes by the staff and I opt for Swiss Chocolate Velvet.
Swiss Chocolate Velvet Mille Crepe (RM9.90). All crepes are priced at RM9.90 and additional 10% of service charge is required. 
20 layers of alternating vanilla custard layer and fresh cream layer. It looks like a cake, but it isn't as sweet as cakes. Nice!
 Time to burn the calories off! Hehe.. After our dessert, we took a walk at the sidewalk, enjoying the view, feeling the breeze, watching the big and stunning private yachts.

Penang Food Hunt #4 @ Vintage Bulgaria, Tanjung Bungah

After searching high and low for fine dining places to celebrate George's birthday, finally discovered Vintage Bulgaria which serves tasty and special Bulgarian food. There are lots of recommended places for Western cuisine in Penang, but majority are Italian food, meaning pastass and pizzass. As George is a "carnivore", I find that this place would be the best place to have his birthday celebrated and so, we drove all the way up to Tanjung Bungah. Before we head to the place, I had looked up for the menu and recommended dishes to have. For our starter, we had Orley Wraps.
Orley Wrap (RM18.00). Cheese wrapped in bacon, skewered and grilled. This was really special. The sticky cheese oozing out of the bacon with every bite. It's kinda salty, so it would be a bit too much to have this alone.
For our main course, I had chosen Bulgarian Sausage Platter and Crown Roast Pork.
Bulgarian Sausage Platter (RM28.00). Weighing 600g of homemade grilled spice minced pork, meatball , pork and beef spiced sausage and pork fillet, this plate was definitely worth the value. Those who like sausages would like it. I love the served-along mashed potatoes. Creamy and smooth!
Crown Roast Pork (RM70.00). These pork ribs weighed 1.2kg. Very differently served. The way it was being displayed and also the flavor. Look like a hand from far, ain't it? LOL! It's meant to be so as it's being called "Crown" Roast Pork. It's deliciously marinated with their homemade BBQ sauce with lots of vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc. A mix of salty, sour and sweet taste. 
Finally, for our dessert, we had chocolate-flavored creme brule.
Creme Brule (RM10.00). 
Satisfying dinner! At least the birthday boy enjoyed his dinner! :)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Penang Toy Museum

Penang's Toy Museum is said to be the biggest toy museum in the world in terms of having the most collections. We drove all the way up to Batu Ferringhi to search for the place. It's quite isolated, not easily spotted. When we got there, we were hesitated to go in as we were not sure whether we were at the correct place and there wasn't any visitors. We could only confirm when we approached the entrance. The entrance fee for Malaysians adults was RM15/pax. Quite expensive and what we got was just "tonnes" of pictures. Cannot feel or touch as the toys were enclosed in frames. As you can see below, there are reflections when I tried to snapshot. We were quite disappointed when we entered. The toys were just arranged and racked up in a couple of rows. I was expecting more. Maybe more "classy" or what? Nevertheless, they have quite a collection of toys which I think should cost alot. That is why they are enclosed in frames. TO AVOID THEFT!

All the huge toys~~ I wonder how much investment did they put in to get all these~ :-?

Look how big they are!
Really-looking heads

Disney Characters:

SIMBA!! And also Garfield, Ice Age, Popeye, Winnie the Pooh, Snoopy etc.
 Some other toys:
Army troops
Final Fantasy
Creepy toys
Harry Potter
Elvis, Batman, Spiderman and China dolls
Lord of the Ring
Pirates of the Caribbean :ar! 
One Piece!
So, that's the end of it!
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