Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Another sweet-tooth night. Our usual orders at Bing! is usually Tiramisu cake and Brownies. Serving the best and affordable brownies in town! However, this time, we decided to try something different.
Carrot Walnut Cake

Matcha Cheese Cake

Kinda regretted.. HAHA! Thinking of getting another piece... Hmm~

Cake Feasting at Tom's!

I must say, Tom's! cakes are by far generally the best. Of course, there are many more cafes serving good cakes, but most of the cakes from Tom's are great. And the greedy me always order a few to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Cocoa Napolean

Black Velvet

Mango Cheese

Bako Seafood

If you happened to pass by Bako, do not miss this place for a great meal! Opens from 9am-4pm. Be prepared to wait especially during weekends. 
Deep-fried Squid

Potato leaves

Steamed Crabs

Deep fried Oyster

Steamed Prawns with Egg and Wine

Seafood Cantonese Noodles

Double Eggs Pork Noodles!

Generous portion of KL Pork Noodles at Geylang, Sekama! This time with double dose of eggs!! Yums!!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Taiwan Day 5

Waking up really early in Tainan for 包成羊肉!

Really soft and tender lamb slices! We were advised to consume as soon as possible to have the best experience by the owner as we were caught taking our sweet time taking photos of the dish. 

Dang Gui version

Some innards
Next, we move on to another famous fish porridge around the corner.
Fried rice
Fish porridge. Comfort food for a cold morning!

Ready to our next stop to Taichung!
Before meeting up with Sia Chia and Phoebe, we took a bus to YiZhong Shang Quan 一中商圈.

After enjoying some good foods, we headed back to the train station and gather with Sia Chia and Phoebe to take a taxi ride ti CingJing 清静.

Stopped by this famous mansion for some breathtaking pictures.

After checking in at our minsu, we headed straight to 清静草原.

Goat's milk ice cream which I don't like.

Done with the sunset moments during our hike down, we walked to a nearby food place for dinner.

Some local Taiwanese dishes which we enjoyed.

After that, we went to Carton King 纸箱王 and Small Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園.

Visited the 7-11 nearby and off we went back to our minsu to get a good sleep!
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