Saturday, 31 May 2014

Astana Grilled Burger & Satay

Astana Grilled Burger is one of the famous burger stalls in Kuching. It is operated by Malays, so it's Halal. Operating the business at their house along Jalan Astana, they allocated a little outdoor dining area for customers to enjoy their homemade grilled burgers. Selling a couple of different types of burgers, we opt for the Overload Chicken Grilled Burger (RM 7.50). As I had some difficulties in biting, so I only had the chicken meat and had it like having western cuisine. >.<

Chicken meat with an extra slice of pineapple added with extra charge. Quite nice. :)
Our main purpose here was actually to have the satays from the neighbors as our friends said it was good. Like Astana Grilled Burger, they also set up dining spot at their garden, so we just walked over to grab some satays!
Got ourselves Lamb, Beef and Chicken!
Huge lamb chunks on the skewer (RM1.00 each). Delicious, but have a definite amount of fats.
Chicken Satay (RM0.50 each). Nice too!
Beef Satay (RM0.50 each). Love this the most. The meat was tender, not too chewy for me to munch.

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