Sunday, 28 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #32 @ Humble Beginnings, Straits Quay

Matcha Latte. Another tasty mille crepe from Humble Beginnings! Less fattening as compared to cakes. With the sweet red beans embedded in between green tea-flavored layers, it's a perfect dessert for green tea lovers. 
Previous try: Swiss Chocolate Velvet Mille Crepe

Penang Food Hunt #31 @ Batu Lanchang Food Court

This was my second visit to Batu Lanchang Food Court, but my first visit was an unsuccessful one as the stalls I wished to order food from were not open. This would be a great place to try out different Penang's hawker food.
Crowded place for lunch
Stall No.22 for Desserts
Huge bowl of Ice Kacang with ice cream
Cendol. Of cos not as good as the Penang Famous Teochew Chendul, quite ok~ :)
Famous Rojak Pasembur from Stall No.8. Nice! Tasted something like Kuching's Rojak India, but this was said to be Chinese Pasembur in Penang. Covered by the sweet and slightly spicy potato gravy, the pasembur was made up of shredded cucumbers, fried fritters, jellyfish, bean curd and yam beans.
Oyster Porridge which I find it interesting as I love OYSTERS~~ :D However, they were a bit stingy with the oysters or is it because the oysters shrink due to the hotness??
Another famous dish: Seafood Char Kway Kak. Tasted something like Char Kway Teow, but it's Kway Kak.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #30 @ Raja Uda Tom Yam Porridge

Tom Yam Porridge is said to be one of Butterworth's signature dishes. Like the Yam Rice, there are a couple of recommended places, but the one we were heading to was the most highly recommended. There was no signboard, so yea, we found our place according to ppl's blog. The place was said to start their business at 630pm, but we reached at 6. We eventually thought that the place was not open yet and waited in car. 15 mins later, I decided to take a peep and the shop was open. Without any hesitation, we we walked our way to the shop and this came to our mind:
"OMG! There were already people waiting inside??!" 

Well.. We did the same, ordered our drinks and waited. Once they were ready for business, everyone rushed for their turns.
Picking the ingredients to be cooked with your preferred choice of porridge, beehoon or mee.

Tom Yam Porridge with Deep Fried Fish Fillet, Pork Intestine, Kidney, Mushrooms, Minced Meat etc. Forgotten what were added actually. Hehe~ When I first heard of Tom Yam Porridge, I was like "Really? Wouldn't it be too sour and spicy to have it as a porridge?". But hey, it was delicious! Never tasted anything like this before. It was slightly sour, sweet and spicy in taste. Then the chosen fresh ingredients gives the dish extra flavor. 
Had another bowl of Tom Yam Beehoon with Minced Pork, Pork Intestine, Kidney, Pork Balls, Mushrooms and Vegetables. Tom Yam Beehoon is something more common, but what matters most was their Tom Yam Soup. Every stall has their own way of cooking.
Can you imagine 2 big bowls of these with lots of tasty and fresh ingredients for only RM14?? I must say food at Butterworth were really cheap!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #29 @ Cup Rice 盖饭, Bukit Mertajam Jalan Danby

After a walk at St. Anne Church, the yam rice in our tummies were slightly digested. Off we went ffor our next hunt for Cup Rice 盖饭! Would not be looking for this place if it ain't Yap's compliment. It wasn't easy searching for the place. Drove to Bukit Mertajam Pasar and found the place based on Waze's navigation.
The reason it's not easy to find: No signboard! Spotted it cos of the crowd.
 Frankly speaking, the place wasn't very clean. =.=
Not many sitting places and we eventually had to share table with others.
This bowl was actually used to make their Cup Rice in which they fill with their homemade soup after inverting the Cup Rice from the bowl to a plate.
Cup Rice (RM3.50). So darn cheap! The rice was soaked in their sweet and salty sauce, topped with generous amount of chicken and pork meat.
Chop chop chop~~
Before adding their special homemade gravy

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Penang St. Anne Church

Before we could fill our tummies with more food, there's a need for digestion! We "waze" our way to Bukit Mertajam's St. Anne Church. We were really blessed to have a great weather for photoshooting, but it was really really hot that noon!! Hope I did not get tanned from then~

Here stood the stunning looking St. Anne Church!

A photo of me to signify that I had been there. :P
St. Anne Shrine

Inside the shrine

Is this holy water?? No clue~
A souvenir we got for ourselves at St. Anne Church. 

Penang Food Hunt #28 @ Bukit Mertajam Yam Rice, Jalan Murphy

Butterworth has a couple of recommended places for tasty Yam Rice. According to many, the best goes to the one sold at Jalan Murphy which will normally run out by noon. We drove all the way from Penang Island to Butterworth that day in search for delicious famous food and this Bukit Mertajam Yam Rice was our first spot as we were afraid it might finish early before we have the chance to try.
Inside the shop. Did not know that they have flat LCD TV in house until I see this photo. LOL!
Yam Rice. Tasty and fragrant Yam Rice in which soft and sweet yam can be tasted!! Best Yam Rice tasted ever!!
Kiam Chye Pork Soup or Preserved Vegetables Pork Soup. Very delicious especially eaten together with the yam rice! It was salty and slightly sour in taste, pork innards cooked and boiled to yield a rich pork soup. Slurpsss~~
Black Vinegar Pork. I thought it was slightly sour, but it was actually sweet. They have other side dishes to order too.
All came in a big portion except the rice. Hehe! Imagine all these to be priced at RM12 only. Definitely worth our drive all the way to Butterworth.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Penang Food Hunt #27 @ ChinaHouse, Lebuh Pantai

Have been hearing about ChinaHouse since I first came to Penang about their delicate and delicious cakes. Happened to pass by when we were on our hunt for Penang Ernest Zacharevic Murals and so, we dropped by to get some "air-conditioning" and of course, the CAKES!!
The bar counter upon entering
Tada~~ Cakes!!
More CAKES that do not require chilling
A slice of Tiramisu with Kahlua (RM15)! Out of so many types of cakes, I chose this as it was SO SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my peeps. I must say it was very different from the Tiramisu I had tasted before. Lots of peanuts, giving you bites of crunchiness, cover the Kahlua-added soft cream coffee Tiramisu cake which is just right in taste. YUM YUM!! 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ernest Zacharevic Murals @ GeorgeTown, Penang

Penang is not just about hunting for good hawker food. I'm on the hunting for Ernest Zacharevic Mural too! Given the heritage hunt map, we drove + walked our way to all these murals on this very very hot day.
Awaiting Trishaw Paddler Mural
Little Girl in Blue Mural
Little Children on a Bicycle Mural
Oh hey! Stop your bike, kids! :D
This Old Man Mural. The colors are fading~
Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur Mural
Boy on a Bike Mural
I need a ride!
Reaching Up Mural. Do I look like one too??
Children Playing Basketball Mural. I got your ball~
Brother & Sister on a Swing Mural. I love swinging too!

Children in a Boat Mural
Apart from these famous Ernest Zacharevic Murals, there were lots of sculptures spotted along our way.

Came across some nice classical buildings
And hey! The temple was fully packed!
Chew Jetty. 
Went searching for Lee Jetty as well. Here I am! All the LEEs~~
So if you like art like me :P, mark your calender, print out the map and off you go! Remember to get yourself a cap of umbrella ya. :)
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