Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fats Burnt or Consumed??

Woke up very early in the morning and stuck in traffic jam to get to Reservoir Park for jogging.
Photo of me jogging.. :P
There was a collapsed tree that blocked the jogging path. Must be due to the heavy rainstorm on Monday.

Check out the heavy rain on Monday. Floods caused just by an hour of rain. 
Poor car stuck in the flood
People were unlucky to get stuck in traffic jams and road block caused by the flood, but I was so lucky that I happened to bump into the ERA FM crew giving out Tropicana Twister drinks. 

Back to my jogging. I was there for an hour, but did not do much jogging. Instead, I was strolling around. Then, we were off for briyani ayam and roti canai for breakfast. =p~

At night, we visited another new cafe at Brighton Square, known as Playground. It is situated just below U-Garden Crystal Grill & Steamboat. For your information, it's another Groupon offer.
This was the deal and I bought the deal for 2 pax. 
We had the option to choose lamb chop, chicken chop or fish & chips. We ordered for chicken chop and fish & chips as I was told that the lamb chop is served in a very small portion (which was not true when I saw orders from other tables).
Soft lighting for a romantic ambience
Orange Juice
Chicken Chop
Fish & Chips
The food portions were just normal. As for the taste, the chicken chop was just ok, but the chicken was not that fresh. As for the deep-fried fish, I think that it was ok, but it does not taste like those Fish & Chips served in other restaurants in which the skin is very crispy. Instead, the skin was more chewy. If you ask me, I would not revisit this place.

As the dinner was not very satisfying, we headed to McDonald to try out the new McFlurry.   it.. But a little bit too sweet for me cos of the chocolate syrup added. GOSH~~ I sound so choosy about food.
McDonald's Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chocolate McFlurry

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

CheeZZZy Mussels

Another dinner prepared by me~ Cheese Baked Mussels :-bd
Pre-cooked and Washed Mussels
Mussels stuffed with the sauce I prepared and topped with mozarella cheese

Baked Mussels
Another complimented dish by my family :">. The mussels were rich in taste and had a very creamy texture, but I prefer a more solid texture. Should have baked it longer. Will improve them the next time.. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

BirthdaySSS Weekend

Ada's 21st Birthday

My previous weekend was pre-booked with friends' birthdays. First was my buddy, Ada's birthday, celebrated at the New Satay House or also known as Hap Chen Hian Satay House. They have a stall at the Hui Sing Hawker Centre, selling delicious on-the-spot BBQ satay, especially pork ones. I have never been to the restaurant which is located at Rubber Road despite their decades of history. I personally think that the food served were quite nice. Definitely had an enjoyable and filling dinner. =D
Close-up photo
Black Forest Birthday Cake from Secret Recipe 
Birthday girl with leng lui
Birthday Girl with Cute Baby

Finally got a shot with the birthday girl :D

Looking so shy when everybody was
singing birthday song 
Candles Blowing Session

Cake Cutting Session

Can't wait to take a bite~ Haha
Emm~~ Yummy!
Group photo
Now coming up next would be the food.
1st Round: From the left (clockwise direction) - curry chicken, mongolian pork, crispy skin duck, mixed vegetables, sweet & sour fish, fried rice and fried noodles.
2nd Round: Satay (Yum Yum!) and Crispy Duck
2nd Round: Sweet & Sour Fish with lotsss of pineapples, curry potatoes and mixed vegetables 
Red Hard Boiled Egg (Common in Chinese birthday, symbolizing prosperity) 

Some candid photos:

Birthday girl with big sister
With my buddy
Another shot with the main character of the day (Looking tall with this angle??) 
Someone's trying to act like a professional photographer 

Mudzz 21st Birthday

Celebrated Mudzz birthday at U-Garden Crystal Grill. So fulling yet satisfying. We spent the whole afternoon preparing his birthday present. We searched, compiled, edited, chose the photos and sent them for washing. Finally, we inserted the photos into the frame which took up quite a lot of time. :)

The birthday present we got him
Oreo Cheese Cake (Another wholehearted gift by friends)
Lighted Cake
Can't wait to cut his cake when
everybody's singing birthday song to him~~
(Come on.. Don't be shy Mudzz.. Haha)
Making birthday wishes

Finally.. Cake blowing session.. 
Time for cake sampling! 
Another cake reserved for their 2nd celebration after the dinner. Guess what.. It's also Oreo Cheese Cake, too! Lol! He did not know another friend was baking cake for the birthday boy as present.

Once again, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!! :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Groupon snack meal by Tarot Cafe

We headed off to Tarot (Kereta api Branch) for a light dinner to use up the Groupon voucher. The voucher was worth RM18.40 value, but I only paid RM9 for it. We were served with a Godzilla(I did not take picture of this), Surimi Balls & Tako Balls or Shisamo and also a Signature Toast (you can choose from curry potato, cranberry ice cream, blueberry ice cream or mulberry ice cream).
Tako Balls (Original Price: RM4)
Surimi Balls (Original Price: RM4)
Blueberry Ice Cream Toast (Original Price: RM5.90)
The toast was used to be served like this. We were given burger bun instead this time, but it still tasted good.. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

First Visit to iChef Cuisine

iChef Cuisine is a new restaurant in town, which is just located next to CityOne. I had been longing to try out the western food there, so I finally set foot on this new dining place on last Tuesday. Another reason we plan our visit there was due to my "expiring soon" Groupon voucher. Too bad I did not bring my camera along, so I had to use my phone camera to capture all those mouth-watering dishes. So, the Groupon voucher offered Spaghetti Carbonara (you can choose either beef or chicken) and a mushroom soup. We also ordered Cheese-baked Oysters as appetizer and another main course of Lamb Shank. They also serve Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef, but it's $$$.

First came the Spaghetti Carbonara . I thought the appetizer should come first. Anyway, the taste was not that rich, more to a milky taste. Even though I opt for the beef, it still tasted like bacon that are normally served in Spaghetti Carbonara. 

 Spaghetti Carbonara (beef)

Next came the complimentary mushroom soup. It also had a milky taste with some spices inside. The garlic bread was crunchy, but kinda of salty.

 Mushroom soup

We also ordered cheese-baked oysters.. Love it!! The taste was just ok, but i just love OYSTERS! One of the oysters had just the right taste as the cheese used was rich enough, but only 1/3 had the perfect taste. This plate was kind of pricey.. RM24 just for 3 pieces of oysters..

 Cheese-baked Oysters

Finally, here comes the savoring Lamb Shank.. The lamb shank was well-cooked and tender. The mashed potatoes served along was also good (or maybe I just like mashed potatoes, so I'm not that particular?). Haha.. Anyway, I love this dish and I think it is worth the value of RM30.90.

Lamb Shank

Overall, they offered good eating surrounding and nicely displayed food, but the taste was just ok. 

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