Sunday, 25 November 2012

Around Penang Island

During my parents' last visit to Penang Island, we managed to get down town, walk around, sightseeing, shopping, and feasting. :D

At Gurney Drive
Sightseeing at Farlim Night Market:

Haha.. Cute seller..

Day Trip at Komtar Area:
Looking weird~~

New World Park:

Penang Road:

1st Avenue Mall:

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Teabreak! @ Chatime

My first attempt having ChaTime Bubble Milk Tea. NICE!! I had 50% sugar and 75% ice. Perfect. Not that sweet. Generous amount of pearls was given.. I may not have the chance to try out at the new outlet in Kuching, but I can get mine in Penang. :D Actually, I think Ding Tea is as good.
Pearl Milk Tea (RM5.90).

Friday, 23 November 2012

T.G.I. Friday 50% off!!

It's not Friday, but ChasWood Resources was offering 50% off for all foods on 21 November (Wednesday) at all the food outlets under them, which includes T.G.I Friday! I always hear of this place, but never set foot into it. When I told my colleagues about the promotion, they were also very interested, so we just went there for lunch at Queensbay Mall and also with the intention of getting some stuff for our exhibition. 

When we reached, we were informed that they were fully booked despite that the restaurant is so big, but they still managed to allocate a place for us. After looking up and down of the menu, finally decided on my food. 

Tadaa~~ Southwest Mac and Cheese!!
Southwest Mac & Cheese (RM26.90). A juicy fire-grilled chicken breast served with creamy Monterey Jack, jalapenos, penne and cheese, then finished with shredded Parmesan cheese and diced red peppers.
Look at the creamy Monterey Jack cheese flowing on the plate!. The macaroni was baked with cheese which made the shredded Parmesan Cheese on top crunchy and crispy on the first bite, followed by the oozing Monterey Jack Cheese inside the macaroni. Extremely GOOD!! 
Although chicken breast was served, it was not dry. Instead, it was so juicy and tender. The chicken was very well-marinated and it was eaten best with the diced red peppers on top!

Last but not least, we had the Brownie Obsession for our dessert.
Brownie Obsession (RM15.90). The brownie was served along with vanilla ice cream and touched up with some caramel syrup. The brownie tasted like it had embedded chocolate in between. So rich and chocolaty!! The cooling vanilla ice cream topped on the brownies tasted awesome together with the brownie, perfecting the dessert! 
Imagine we were having all these yummy foods at a discounted price of 50%. :D

Monday, 19 November 2012

Penang BBQ Steamboat @ 淦火锅, Golden BBQ Steamboat

My first attempt for BBQ Steamboat in Penang. Thanks to Wen Yin and her family for buying me this meal. <3 淦火锅 is located in Georgetown, which I would never go there alone. I'm not quite sure about the exact location, but it's on some old shop lots and you would have to seek for it around the small routes. 
They have two shop lots  but then the place is still quite small, so they set up their seats outside. Hopefully it doesn't rain when you are in the middle of your meal.
Next to Little Shanghai. This would make it easier to be spotted when you enter the lorong.

Our tables. Already got some food stuff even though the cooking pot was not ready yet. :p
Ingredients available:

I love the pandan chicken. Hee..

Prawn mee was also served. 
Ice Creams! For your information, I took 5 sticks of ice creams after my dinner. 

Besides from these, they had satays, fried wantons and other deep fried food which came afterwards. I was too busy eating, so did not manage to capture the pics. :D
Fruits and desserts
I had a great dinner. Very very very full!! My stomach expanded like 5 times after the dinner. :-O

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dave's Deli Again~~ :D

Back to Dave's Deli again. Yuhoo~ This time I'm here for dinner with my family. 
Dave's Deli Original Quarter Chicken (RM15.90). I recommended my dad to have this. Unfortunately, they were running out of thigh and drumstick, so my dad went for breast and wing. That doesn't matter because he still complimented on the dish. The breast meat was not dry, but instead it's soft and juicy. Yummy!
Beef Rissole (RM15.90).  Rissole means minced meat wrapped or rolled in small pastry-enclosed croquette which is later fried. I tried this Beef Rissole this time despite that I'm so in love with the Dave's Original as it looked really good when Alvin ordered that day. Kinda disappointing was that it's just beef patty like what you get in burgers. Nevertheless, the dish was flavorful, the mashed potatoes and salads were as great as usual. I guessed the rissole was just the only downside of the dish.  It would be awesome if it's real meat.
Onions, Carrots, Bell Peppers topped on the beef patty to add to its flavor. Frankly speaking, I dislike the onions. Haha.  
Lamb Shank (RM24.50). Dad and I ordered Lamb Shank for mum. Lamb chop was her original order, but it's out of stock, so we upgraded her course to lamb shank. However, she did not like it. ZZZ.. To me, it was nice~ The lamb shank was tender, cooked to perfection, covered in tomato sauce with added herbs and spices. I love the dish. 
Crunchy toasted bread were served along with the dish. Delicious!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Breakfast @ Bayan Baru Market

Had a family breakfast at Bayan Baru Market. There's lots of things to eat there, but we were undecided on what to take. I wanted to try the Curry Mee which was recommended by some blogs, but then the stall next to the Curry Mee stall selling Lor Mee and Hokkien Mee seemed to have good business as well. So in the end, I opt for Lor Mee as I feel like not having spicy food in the morning. My dad tried out the Hokkien Mee from the same stall and we ordered a plate of Char Kueh Kak to share.

My Lor Mee. Very thick and starchy soup. Looks good but the taste was kinda bland. Should have go for Curry Mee.
Tasteless. X.X
My parents did not like this as well.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More Graduation Pics!

It's been a month after my graduation and I'm here again to post some more photos! :D

Some pics taken before the ceremony: 

 Pics after the ceremony: (My hands were occupied by my scroll, bouquet and toy. So kelam kabut. Shows how I'm so inexperienced in handling those stuff. LOL!)

My friends and I:

Magdalene and I
Yu Qin and Magdalene
Yu Qin and I
With Melissa
With some of my lecturers
After the ceremony, most people will go for studio photo-shooting, including me~~ My face looks rounder. :((

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