Monday, 25 May 2015

Taiwan Day4

Early breakfast at the McDonald next door with breakfast coupon given.
Took the bus back to Kaohsiung Train Station and later a the Taiwan Railway to Tainan Train Station. After checking in at the nearby TieDao Hotel, we started our food journey in Tainan by walk while exploring the Kuching-like town.


Dropping by at this famous store for a quench of thirst.
Trying out at the century old shop - 台南度小月擔仔麵. Famous for Dan Zai Noodles.

Apart from the Dan Zai noodles, we also tried out their Lu Rou Fan.
Coffin bread for a try. 赤嵌棺材板. Located within the alley at the old market. 
富盛號碗粿. Many people queuing for this. Maybe because the place is rather easy to be located.
Tainan's foods were all rather special and different from what we usually have. After all the food hunt at Tainan street, we took a bus to Anping. 


Different colors of salts

Washing hands with salts
Ice cream with salt. Yums~
Next up we walked our way to AnPing Old Street 安平老街. Along our way, we spotted the bicycle renting service and so we rented the bikes for 2 hours to travel around AnPing.

Huge dog trying to befriend with me 

Prawn Rolls
Sth like Kuih Sepit. I love this!
We also bought back some prawn crackers home. Done with AnPing, we took the bus back to Tainan and of cos, more food hunting again!


阿卿傳統飲品冰品 杏仁茶. Definitely not my type of food.

REALLY GOOD! Fried Eel Noodles! 
Getting some strawberries back to hotel for late night supper. :)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Taiwan Day3

Our 3rd day was our mission to Kenting. Boarded the High Speed Rail(HSR)  to Kaohsiung for ~2hours and later another ~2hours bus trip to Kenting.
Breakfast Bento in the HSR. Yums!

Finally arrived at Kenting after a half day of transportation time.

Outside of our Hotel - Golden Ocean Azure Hotel
The lobby. Not forgetting to mention, they have 2 fluffy, welcoming dogs there.
When we got off from the bus, we were approached by a taxi driver offering us trip around Kenting. Once we had checked-in, we contacted the driver and had her drove us to places which I already had in plan.
Along our way, the driver also stopped by to let us get a scenic view of the colorful hotels opposite the beautiful beach.
The beach those hotels were facing.
The first tourist destination we headed was Eluanbi
Upon entering, we had to make a short trekking to the spot. 

Oh yeah! We are here!
Bright sun and strong wind!

Done with the visiting, we went back to catch our driver. In my plan, I wanted to go for ATV drive/ BiaoSha. So, she drove us to the spot.
Along the way, we were dropped by the taxi driver to this hilltop. Wind was so strong that I could feel as if I'm going to fly.
Not even a chance to tidy up my messy hair.
This was the spot where we waited for our ATV drive.


Now, our ATV drive experience. It was really jumpy when we went cross all the obstacles, but FUN!!!

Had lots of fun!
Up next was to HouBiHu for late lunch! 
No regrets cos they were all fresh seafoods!

Tried Uni for the 1st time! Fresh from the aquarium some more.
Fresh fresh fresh SASHIMISSSSS! So tasty!
Some cooked dishes which we really enjoyed. Good meal. Their cooking was really different from our usual Kuching cooking.
After the meal, we were taken to the old town.

Enjoyed the Iced Lek Tau Suan!
The place where the movie Cape No.7 was shot.

Hello, Husky~ Pls look here~~
Hunting for more snacks~
The famous Chu Huo spot where fire just comes out from the ground.
Going back to our hotel to get some rest.
One reason I chose Golden Ocean Azure Hotel was that it was walking distance from the famous Kenting Street. Was expecting lots of food vendors, but unfortunately, many did not operate cos of the winter season when there were less tourists as compared to summer. Due to this reason as well, my plan to have water sports was cancelled as well. Would have to visit again next time.

Still manage to get some foods around. Very delicious QQ Pearls Milk Tea. Wanted to get another cup later but it was closed already. Emo~

Choose your own 卤味。。。
Grilled beef cubes again.. Wasn't as good as what we had in Taipei thou.
Got myself a cup of Hokkaido Ice Cream before getting back to the hotel as there was no more milk tea.

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