Thursday, 29 May 2014

Gim's Burger!

What was our initial plan for the night already??? Well~ I only remembered coming down from Summer Mall, turning around Samarahan shoplots for foods and ended up finding nothing. Then, we wanted to go somewhere which was close that night, so we got our burger cravings fixed by heading to Gim's Burger. After looking at the brief menu on board, we decided to have The Cranburger and Cheezor Beef Burger. 
The Cranburger (RM11.90). Crinkle fries was served together. What  made this good was the cranberry sauce used which was slightly sweet in taste. Chicken breast was used and topped with a slice of pineapple, cheese lettuce, tomato slice and fried onions. I opt for charcoal bun which required another add-on of RM0.50. Not bad la, but wasn't very overwhelmed. I love the most was the fries. It was mixed with herbs, kinda different in taste. :)

Cheezor Beef Burger (RM14.90). For the beef patty option, we selected Cheezor Beef Burger for the extra cheezy taste and bacon slice. Look at the melting cheese.. Yum yum~ The patty was ok, like the usual patty we always have. It's quite thick thou. 
The burgers here were just ok in my personal opinion. Fries were excellent! Price is on the higher side.

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