Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TomYam Fish Beehoon @ Sunshine Market Food Court

Finally got the chance to try the TomYam set Alvin is always craving for. Sunshine Square is so near to my living place, but I never try it before. At this TomYam stall, they have the TomYam broth served with either BeeHoon or Mee. Then, you can choose to have fish (RM4.50), pork (RM4.00) or prawns (RM7.00). I had BeeHoon with fish. Healthier I guessed. :D

TomYam Fish BeeHoon (RM4.50). It was a hugeeee portion. Very appetizing as it was sour and some spices were added which made it yummilicious! Worth-trying dish when you head to Sunshine Market Food Court.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Chicken Claypot Briyani @ Restoran Kapitan (opp. Queensbay)

Our prgram clan often have lunch gathering on Friday as our breaks are longer. One of our gathering spot was Restoran Kapitan, which is just opposite Queensbay. The place serve Northern Indian Cuisine. Before we headed to the place, I was googling about this eating place to get to know the nice food they serve and found out that their Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Claypot Briyani are famous. When we reached, I saw a couple of friends ordering Chicken Claypot Briyani, looked great, so Wen Yin and I decided to share the portion.
Chicekn Briyani Claypot (RM7.50). Huge portion. Luckily we shared out. Quite worth it. Taste-wise was ok as I think most Indian food tastes quite good. :) 
I also happened to try the mint sauce which came along with the roti canai Fei ordered. Tasted good! Something new for me. :D

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Four Seasons Tea Restaurant (Sunway Tunas Branch)

Wondering how did I come about to know this restaurant since I'm only here for a month? Food blog? Friends? 
Well.. I intended to buy the aunt's family a dinner whom offered me a place to "tumpang" before I got a room to rent, so they brought me to this place where it's near to my condo. When we arrived, I just let aunty to take the orders. 
Yu Chi Bean Curd. Sorry about the incompleteness of the dish. They were hungry and scooped a few pieces out of the plate alrready.
Oyster Mee. This shop is famous for this dish, but I did not find it that lip smacking as mentioned. Not to say that it was not nice, but it's not up to my expectation.
Fresh Mushroom Fried with Lotus Root. This was quite nice. The lotus roots were very crispy and the aroma of the mushrooms and vegetables infused into it. This was the first time I tasted crispy lotus roots.
Pork Ribs with 5 Flavours. I do not know why it's called 5 flavours. It's just sweet and a bit sour. However, the dish was quite good. Very appetizing.
Sweet Potato Leaf with Sambal. As usual, every vegetables tastes good when stir fried with sambal as long as the sambal is fresh and nice. Penang's sambal is more sweet as what I have in Kuching which is saltier.
Complimentary Groundnut Soup for Free.
All of the dishes served around the same time except for this which came last. Bamboo Clams. Quite nice, but I couldn't have much due to my infection on hand.
After our meal, I "rushed" to the cashier to pay the bills to make sure aunty would not pay for it instead. When I got up of my chair, aunty kept persuading me not to and her mother-in-law tried to hold me, but still, I managed to escape and successfully treat them this dinner to repay them for taking care of me all this while. Our dinner costed me a total of ~RM110 if not mistaken.

Shop shop @ Bayan Baru Market

To familiarize the area where I stayed, I went to the morning market nearby by Bus No.11. Hehe.. Which means by feet. It took me about 5 to 10 mins walk. Quite near. I went to see what's there so that I can plan for my shopping next time. :) 
Look at all the stuff I bought. Had to stock up my new place to feel like home. :D
There are lots of hawker stalls there as well. Took me some time to choose what's for breakfast or brunch actually. I went for the Duck Meat Kway Tiao Teng as it was quite crowded. That's normally how people decide, right? More people ordering means the better the food is. :D
Duck Meat Kway Tiao Teng. Forgotten how much was it. It's nice. Served hot which makes it real good when it goes down the tummy in the morning. Out of my expectation, it's not completely duck meat. Pork innards are added which makes the dish more satisfying. 

Revisit to Hou Mei Yuen & U-Soya

Back to the crowded Hou Mei Yuen at Bukit Jambul for Pan Mee. This time I had the dry one which was stir fried with black soya sauce. It comes with a complimentary fish ball soup. Well, I still prefer the soup version. :)

I like to have lunch here as the things are cheap and the portion is just right. However, we were off for dessert after that at U-Soya which made me too full. :|

Cold Tau Fu Fah with Almond Flakes, Pearls. and Soya Bean Syrup. (RM3.40) NICE! Initially I wanted to order the U-Soya Special Multi-Grain, but since I tried that the previous time, so I might as well try something new.
Hot Tau Fu Fah with sunflower seeds and almond flakes. They are always very generous in their toppings.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sunny Hill's Ice Cream

Sunny Hill's Ice Cream. Definitely one of the best in town. The flavors of ice cream varies everyday. The one I had was the original vanilla flavor. Apart from that, you can have your ice cream served with buns or waffles or fruits like the banana split. They also sell some cookies and snacks to let you snack along with the ice cream. The ice cream shop has been around for a long time, just operating in front of Sunny Hill School at 3rd mile. My cousin who traveled to many places around the world eventually complimented that this is the best ice cream she ever had. Craving for it now~~

Malay cuisine for breakfast @ Coffee O' Corner

Looking for nice Mee Jawa or Malay food in Kuching? You can get nice ones at Coffee O'Corner, Satok. The shop operates from morning till noon. I think they are closed at night as Raja Ayam Penyet which is just opposite them operates at night. Like most Malay coffee shops, Coffee O' Corner is always packed with Malay customers. It's very rare to see Chinese around. Nevertheless, the shop sells nice Malay food like Mee Jawa, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi Ayam Bakar, fast food, Laksa, Mee Rojak etc. The Teh Tarik here tastes good as well. 

Some of the stalls around:

Bubbly hot Teh Tarik!
All of us ordered Mee Jawa.
Mee Jawa Special (with Satay). YUMMY!!

Extra satay if you want. Chicken and beef satay are available.
Closer view of the Mee Jawa Special (RM5). Slurps~~~

Try out this shop. Besides from having nice food, the service attendants here are very friendly and the place is clean.

Satay Mee Jawa @ Syn Wah Hui

Ever seen a Malay stall operating in a Chinese coffee shop? Well.. There's one in Kuching Main Bazaar. The shop is located just next to Deli Cafe. The place is famous for satay mee jawa made by a Malay old lady, but we seldom go as old shops normally do not look so hygienic. They also have nice roti bakar freshly baked by the coffee shop tauke.
Busy preparing saliva-dripping mee jawa
Here comes our breakfast. We ordered more satays as I think the normal set (RM5.00) only comes in 2. Additional satay costs RM0.50 each if not mistaken.
Beef satays!! Awesome. They have chicken satays too.. The satays were BBQ from time to time at the back of the shop. You can smell the fragrant BBQ smell in the shop. But then, be ready to get a hair wash later on. :D
Mee Jawa. One thing special is that this mee jawa sauce was salty instead of sweet. Not all would like it I would say. For me and George, we actually prefer it to be slightly sweet, but it's all up to personal preference. Guess what. We found that it tasted best if you mix the satay sauce which came along with the satays with the mee jawa sauce. PERFECT!! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Dinner @ Rock Road Seafood Restaurant

I just realized that I never blog about this famous seafood restaurant in Kuching. Rock Road Seafood Restaurant has been operating for decades. All Kuchingites are definitely aware of this restaurant. They serve nice Chinese cuisine, but quite expensive. Just before I left for Penang to work, I had my family dinner here. Awesome! =P~ The restaurant is always crowded with people especially during weekens and it's really difficult to find parking. Upon entering the restaurant, you can peep into the kitchen where you can order take-away food here. As you enter, you can see fresh food ingredients like seafood, vegetables and fruits. Then, there would be menus displayed on walls with the price tag on, so you could just place your orders here. After making up your mind with the choices, step forward to the first floor to be seated by the waiter.

These were some table display photos which I took when we waited for our meal to be served:

Hot Chinese Tea
Now, be prepared for the MOUTH-WATERING moments!! 
We were first served with the Satay Sauce Prawns which was also the highlight of our dinner. The savory satay sauce is best dipped with the complementary crispy buns. This is definitely a dish you must order when you come. You can have your crabs cooked in this manner as well.
Forgotten the name of the dish, but the chicken was well-cooked and yummy as well!
Seafood Tarts (Around Rm4 each I think). LOVE this too! I had 2 for myself that night.. :D Rich seafood ingredients baked with cheese. Awesome!
Last came the mixed vege with sea bass. Very delicious too!
I had a really satisfying dinner. I'll be back for more Satay Sauce Prawns/Crabs and Seafood Tarts! :D

Fresh prawns and lobsters
Just managed to capture the outlook of the restaurant when we left.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Laos Cafe @ Komtar Walk

This was my first attempt in Penang's Western Restaurant. I was there with Wen Yin, Bernard and Alvin as we bought the Groupon voucher for 4 pax.
Outlook of the Cafe
Some photos of the interior design of the place:
Comfortable and clean.
They have a stage set-up. There are times when they have live bands to entertain the customers.

Ok. Here comes our meal.
For drinks, we had free-flow Iced Lemon Tea. Most of us had our drinks refilled thrice. Bernard had his refilled quince. He rushed to the toilet immediately after our dinner. LOL!

Mushroom Soup.
 For our main course, we can choose for grilled Norman Salmon or Chicken Chop or Pork Chop. All of us had salmons except Wen Yin who went for chicken.
Grilled Salmon with mashed potatoes, corn and some sides. It was nice. I like the mashed potatoes especially. Very smooth and rich. The salmon was well cooked and the skin was very crispy. Delicious! 
Wen Yin's Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce. Looked very tempting too! According to her, this was quite nice too.
Lastly came our desserts. We were served with Strawberry Ice Cream and Green Tea Mochi per person. Love the Mochi. Best mochi I had tasted before! Anyway, I seldom have mochis. HAHA~~
That's the end of our dinner. Imagine all these costed us RM12 only. Definitely worth the value. :D

Farlim Night Market

After a tiring flight in the morning and work in the afternoon, my housemate, Crystal, invited me to a visit to the Farlim Night Market with her buddies. I learned from the net that this night market is the largest night market in Penang Island, which is really quite big, especially in their choices of food. Of course, it's not just about food, there are still stalls selling stuffs like electrical appliances, household products, clothes and so on. We left our place around 7+ pm. Took quite some time to reach there cos of the jam. I was told by Crystal that this night market is open every Wednesday night. There's another famous nigh market at Jelutong, which is open at every Friday night. By the time we reached, we quickly grab something to eat. I was so hungry. 
Penang Laksa (RM3.00). Finally got to try Chinese Penang Laksa. I was told by my friends that day that Malay's and Chinese's ones are different. However, to me, I think the tastes were quite similar. Just that this one had a stronger smell, slightly more sour and spicy, and also more ingredients. Not bad..  I would still prefer Sarawak Laksa. :D As Penang's one tasted more to Tom Yam or Assam, whereas Sarawak's one has its unique flavor. 
After our meal, we had a stroll around the market to burn out the calories. =P

Tempted to buy this. Cheap, right? 4 cakes or pastries for RM5.50 only! Plus some of them looked real good. I'm always attracted to baked stuff. Love to see and eat. Haha.. But then, I cancelled my thoughts as I would definitely unable to finish them and they are fattening. Hee~

Taiwan Jelly. Something I never try before.
There's also Mat Dou Yao stall here.
Imitation shark's fin soup for sell too.
Really huge Nangka!
Taiwan Sausage
Crowded Bubble Milk Tea stall.
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