Tuesday, 20 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #1: 永香海参瓦堡肉骨茶 Restoran Weng Heong

Got to KL at noon, so we had the taxi uncle, who was a friend to George's dad, to have Klang Bak Kut Teh. Taking about an hour ride from LCCT, we got to the crowded 永香海参瓦堡肉骨茶 Restoran Weng Heong. Having 3 shop lots to cater the big crowd, they also have 3 separate kitchens to have their Bat Kut Teh served fast.

Ah Dui - so happy. 
Hot boiling water in kettle just beside our tables.
Serving us with teas.
The place was starred in newspapers.
Here comes our Bat Kut Teh served in Claypot. Big pork bone with all the pork ingredients in the hot delicious herbal soup.
Pork Intestines. Yummy! They had it cleaned thoroughly.
Chicken Feet
First time having Pork Tendons! So so so delicious!!!
All these for 6 persons with rice and drinks! Damn full. Costed us abt RM110-120. Awesome!

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