Monday, 30 December 2013

Korea Trip Day 5

A good breakfast is important to start the day. We were taken to J&J Dragon for breakfast buffet.
We are big eaters!
Crowded restaurant
1st Destination: 韩国高丽人参公卖局
Promoting Korean's No.1 Product - Ginseng
Nice church across the street
2nd Destination: 冬虫夏草 (护肝宝专卖店)
3rd Destination: 精制美肤彩妆坊

We had been visiting these shops for the whole morning and headed for lunch after that. 
Very nice building next to the building where we had lunch.
This was for lunch! Ginseng Chicken Soup 人参炖鸡汤 with step-by-step eating method. The ginseng wine was added first, followed by the rice noodles. Done eating the noodles, then goes the chicken-stuffed-rice. Huge portion, but tasted so so for us.
Mango Ice Cream.. Slurps!
4th Destination: War Memorial Museum 战争纪念博物馆

All the war-crafts, water crafts etc.

Sunny winter!

Got this Banana Milk from the convenience store. Highly recommended by many. Quite nice, but felt like a lot of flavoring was used.
5th Destination: South Korea Presidential Hall 总统府青瓦台
Mountain in front of the Presidential Hall which brings good "feng shui".
Do I have the "president" look? Hehe..

6th Destination: Bukchon Hanok Village 北村韩屋村
The village is a traditional Korean village where some of the houses were modernized and have very advanced security facilities.

Posing at the alleys. :P
7th Destination: Dongdaemun Market 东大门市场
This was our last stop where we were allocated with 1.5hours of shopping time before heading for dinner. There were a couple of shopping malls around the area and we did a flash look around. There were nice and reasonably priced clothes especially high quality winter clothing. I regretted not getting a coat there. :((( Too bad we did not have a longer time there.
There were also street foods there. The foods were more or less similar at each stall.
Tteokbokki (3,000 KRW). Spicy Rice Cake which is very common in Korea. Nobody should miss trying this during a visit to Korea. I love it as it was spicy! and a little bit sweet. Very nice to enjoy during this cold night.
Dinner. Claypot Bibimbap 石锅拌饭 + Shabu Shabu 涮涮锅. I expected bibimbap to have runny egg on top. Looks different from what I usually had. 
Ice Cream again! This was very good!! Crunchy choco flakes with the chewy strawberry embedded inside the vanilla ice cream.
And I bought strawberries again as my supper from the grocery shop nearby. Yummy!!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Korea Trip Day 4

Starting our Day 4 at Sorak. 
Outside of our hotel - Daemyong Del Pino Golf & Resort
Able to catch the beautiful sunrise view of Mount Sorak from our hotel.
We had hotel buffet breakfast at 7am and off we went to Mount Sorak.

1st Destination: Seoraksan National Park 雪岳山 - Unification for Peace Buddha 青铜大佛 + Shin Heung Temple 神兴寺
V-collared bear Statue @ Seoraksan National Park
Lots of breathtaking views around! Excuse me for my "cute" hat. :D

As usual, souvenirs shops and cafes are everywhere.

Flowing water without pipe.
Entering the temple
So here's the ~15m high Buddha 青铜大佛.
Ok. Time to go from kid look to mature look~

You could write your wishes on these tiles. Not for free thou~
Water of longevity
Spectacular, isn't it?

Elaine and I
I find this place cool as one side of the trees were barren and the other side were still having leafy greens.

I wonder will there be any water flowing along this river if it wasn't winter.

Ah Wen and me
2nd Destination: Yeoju Premium Outlet 骊州牌购物中心
Along our way heading for lunch before to Yeoju Premium Outlet, snows were falling from time to time. We requested to go down to experience it.
Snowman made! Not by me thou~ =p

Enough with the snow, it's time for lunch.
Having 马铃薯炖豚骨汤. The soup was fragrantly cooked and heated with pork ribs.
Korean sitting~
Reaching Yeoju Premium Outlet. Raining and snowing at the same time.

Christmas is around the corner!
Heavy snow!! YEAH!
3rd Destination: Everland Resort 爱宝乐园
A short shopping experience at Yeoju, our trip proceeded with Everland, some sort like Disneyland. Upon reaching, we had to take a short bus shuttle to the theme park.

While waiting for our entrance tickets to be purchased, took a short with the nicely-dressed staff.

4th Group Photo - Everland Resort 爱宝乐园
1st activity we did there - Animal show
2nd - Visiting a short part of the zoo

3rd Activity - Safari 
White Tiger; Lion; Tiger; Liger (Breed of Lion and Tiger)
Huge bear hungering for food from the bus driver

4th Activity - Ghost House in which we were in a group of 4, sitting in a moving cram and moved into the dark, not spooky house, and shoot the so-called ghost which were lightened with green lights. >.<

The last activity we enjoyed was the Moonlight Parade. We waited for the time and the lights along the street was turned off, staffs were dancing with the theme park song.

Beautiful floats
The performers were also wearing lighted costumes and dancing along their way
Day and night shooting
Leaving Everland, it was time for food again. Getting hungry frequently due to the cold weather.
Having Korean BBQ tonight! 
As usual, after dinner, we would be heading straight to hotel. Moving to a new hotel in Seoul tonight - Manu.
Small but decent room
There are lots of convenience stores around Korea, so we walked our way to the nearby store to do some shopping. :)
Bought this recommended wine. They said it was good, but..... I don like it.
Cookies and cream ice cream (~ 800 to 1,000 KRW). Not nice.
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