Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Chicken Rice @ New World Cafe, 3rd Mile

One of the tasty Kuching's chicken rice in my list would be at New World Cafe, Central Park Commercial Centre at 3rd mile. They only have steamed chicken rice for sale, but you would be amazed by the crowd during lunch hours. Whenever we dine in, we would definitely order Special in which the whole chicken leg was served. It's in quite a big portion which I find it too much for me all the time. Accompanied with the fragrant rice cooked, the chicken meat was very soft and delicious. Kinda oily thou, but chicken rice is meant to be so, right?
Chicken Rice Special (RM8).

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dinner @ 98 Kopitiam

Once again, I'm back to my favorite place for beef noodles. Actually was fond of the beef tendon! Hehe~
This is the beef noodles stall - Kuma Garden. 
They have Fried Kway Teow with Beef (RM4.50) too! Not bad. The beef meat was tender. Just the right texture. Stir-fried in chili gave the dish extra flavor.
I ordered the Beef Kway Teow Soup Special (RM7). I requested for just beef tendons. No meat, no tripe, but just tendons!! Yoohoo~~
Look at the huge chunks! Slurpppsss~~
Ordered the BBQ Sambal Squid (RM20) from the BBQ stall which we only happened to see it open for the first time on this Sunday night. Quite good, kinda oily thou.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

John's Pie @ Swinburne Sarawak

It was a Saturday afternoon and George wanted to complete his assignment, so I followed him to Swinburne. John's Pie has an outlet there, so we went there to have a quick lunch. 
Chicken Cheese Pie (RM5.50). I requested to have it served hot and so the staff there microwave it. Served in a short while.
Banana Pie (RM2.50). Was recommended to try their new stuff. It was quite good. :)

Look at the cheesy, juicy fillings. Well.. Before this, I wasn't really impressed with the pies here, but this pie prove me wrong. I guess I have to request my pies to be served hot in order to enjoy it. Don't like them to be cold. 
I opened up the upper crust. Can see all the fillings. Yummeh~

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rising Ramen 雷神

Rising Ramen 雷神 suddenly gains its fame lately as being able to offer good authentic Japanese Ramen in Kuching, served and cooked by real Japanese. Located in the housing area behind Absolute Tribal Restaurant at Sarakraf Pavilion, Jalan Tabuan, near to Basaga, it was not easy to get our car parked especially with the big crowd heading for their ramens. 

Operating in a house where you make your orders and make payment outside. Seats were available indoor and outdoor. They actually provide Japanese Language tuition classes, which they later turned it into a dining spot. 
AKA Ramen Special (RM17). Spicy Japanese Pork Broth Noodle Soup (RM11) with extra ChaSiu (RM5) and Egg Topping (RM1). Very strong aroma of pork broth with the chewy ramen, The Ramen Egg was cooked in the perfect manner which tasted different from normal hard-boiled egg. The extra spice added made the dish slightly spicy from the normal ones.
Ramen (RM11). Japanese Pork Broth Noodle Soup (RM10) with Egg Topping (RM1). I preferred the original one rather than the one with added spicy chilli bomb actually. But both were good. 
Big slices of Japanese Char Siu 
Gyoza (RM8). Minced Pork Dumplings being pan-fried. This dish was disappointing as the skin was too soft. It should be crispy, shouldn't it?
Aburi Sushi (RM10). Broiled Salmon Nigiri Sushi topped with Rising Sauce and Japanese Mayo. Felt that it was kinda pricey, but it tasted delicious.
Lion King Roll (RM10). Served with a slice of Salmon on top, the sushi roll consisted crab stick and cucumber inside. We were surprised when it was served hot as the normal sushis we had were always served cold. With the delicious Japanese Mayo, the dish was surprisingly good. Something different from other Japanese restaurants.

They have actually moved their business location to Jalan Song, opposite SCR, behind Watson. As I mentioned earlier, the parking spaces were limited and the road was always very crowded, so I guessed this was the reason they relocate.
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