Monday, 26 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #6: Ikea Restaurant

It was our last day in KL. After having breakfast at the hotel, we asked the taxi driver to send us to 1 Utama. Shopping done, had our lunch at the Ikea Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for their meatballs which are cheap and delicious. When we got there, it was really crowded that it was not easy to grab a table. George and I went to get our orders. As we had the big-eater Dui in our group, we did not have to worry about not finishing our foods. Haha~ 

The all-time-favorite Swedish Meatballs! It might seemed weird to be served with jam, but the combination tasted just perfect. Mashed potatoes was smooth and creamy.
Chicken leg with Swedish herb and lemon sauce. Quite nice too.
Poached salmon with chive sauce. Not our likings thou.
Chicken Wings. Delicous!
Almond Cake. Yummeh~
Forgotten what cake was this. Not bad too.
Creme Brulee
We ordered another plate of Beef Ribs with Fries later as George was so tempted by it since early. The meat was so soft that it teared easily from the ribs. Good!
Overall, the food was quite good. Cheap of cos.

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Unknown said...

Woooow Looks great:) personally im not a huge fan of meatballs but looking at the meat balls you posted I'm more than willing to try it haha :)

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