Sunday, 29 June 2014

Seremban Food Hunt #1: Seremban Siew Pau

Just got back from my "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" Trip! An awesome, fun-filled, packed, exciting, food-all-day-long, but not-so-cheap trip. Initial plan was to visit Melaka and later back to KL only, but we ended up in flying to KL, going passed Seremban, headed to Melaka (overnight for 2 nights), passed by Ipoh, headed to Penang (overnight for 2 nights), and lastly back to KL (overnight for 2 nights). We planned the trip kinda last minute, so everything was in a hurry, include air tickets and hotels booking. So, as expected, tickets were not cheap. It took me quite some time to search for strategically-located, affordable yet pleasant-staying hotels. Given just about 1 week to book the hotels, most of the hotels were fully-booked especially the ones in Melaka. Was shocked to see from Agoda that 70% of the hotels in Melaka were booked during our stay. >.<
Ok.. Start on my trip. We took a very early flight to KL and William picked us up from the airport with his Alza to his condo to get the MyVi which we rent as it would be very tiring to squeeze the 7 of us with all our luggage into his car along the few hours drive. Departed from KL at about 930am, reaching Seremban about an hour later. So, the first spot we headed to was the famous Seremban Siew Pow outlet.
The Siew Pow Empayar which you could hardly miss while passing by the highway.

Lots of freshly baked pastries to choose from. If this was our last day, I would definitely take home some.
Just outside the store where they also serve Chinese Cuisine.
William was so terribly hungry that he bought some and did some testing before we head for lunch.
Whereas the rest of us took all the pastries to our next spot (Seremban Seafood Village). We bought Lao Po Bing, Chicken Siew Pow, BBQ Pork Siew Pow, Salted Egg Yolk Puff and Tau Sear Peah. Being so famous, of course all of them were up-to-standard. However, it did not really impressed me that much as I had really high expectations due to its Seremban Siew Pow fame. Kuching's ones were also as good I think.

Friday, 27 June 2014

KL Pork Soup @ Home-made Specialties, Petanak Area

Many have been claiming that the Kway Teow T'ng at Home-made Specialties, Petanak area was delicious. Given the name Morgan's KL Pork Mee, it is KL's version of Kway Teow T'ng, meaning with crispy deep fried pork lard! When we got there, we just realized it's next to New Happy Cafe where we purchased the good tasty Yam Puff before. Apart from the pork noodles, there are a couple of other stalls selling different local hawker foods. 
Sio Bee which I think was quite good.
Yam Puff! Crispy on the outside, tasty yam fillings inside.
Ok.. Here came our Kway Teow T'ng with the perfectly cooked egg! With generous amounts of minced pork and pork innards! Different from the one at Spring Delight, this version tasted sweeter. Spring Delight's version was saltier. George prefers Spring Delight's. I'm ok with both. :D

This was mine which I requested for no pork lard. 
Price for this is RM4.50 for regular bowl, RM5.50 for a bigger bowl.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fullhouse @ The Hills Shopping Mall

It's been a long time we did not visit Fullhouse. They have 2 outlets in Kuching, first in The Hills Shopping Mall and another one in CityOne Megamall. I brought my parents to try out the one in The Hills. Was there for lunch and it was empty. =.= It happened that they were having some electrical maintenance indoor, so we sat outside. It's not hot anyway. Going through the cute colorful menu, finally decided on what we wanted to have. 

Wok-Seared Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce (RM16.90)
Beef Bacon Carbonara (RM18.90).
Grilled New Zealand Lamb Shoulder Black Pepper Style (RM34.90). 

Some small cakes for dessert.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Breakfast of the day!

Like many, we came to Sin Chong Choon to mix with the crowd for breakfast. It's seriously not easy to get a place to sit especially on weekends. Anyway, our buddies already grabbed a table before we arrived, but we had to squeeze in as we were in a big group. Having tried almost every single foods available there, I wanted a cleaner breakfast, so got myself porridge. :D
Chicken Porridge with Egg (RM4). So so la.. Cos it's just porridge.. Hehe..
Large Size Teh C Peng Special (RM4). Awesome!
Laksa Special (RM6). Huge prawns! Tasted quite alright.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pullman Dim Sum Buffet

Priced at RM28+ per person, this Dim Sum Unlimited "All You Can Eat" buffet is definitely worth the value. Always wanted to try out the dim sums in Nv Er Hong, Pullman Hotel and finally had the chance to try out this reputable hotel standard dim sums. Came along with my whole gang of friends and we really ordered a lot. 
Steamed Duo-Textures Chee Cheong Fun. With deep-fried Chinese Crullers or rather known as You Char Kueh/You Tiao in this Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun instead of meats, it was something new but we did not quite like it.  
Soft BBQ Honey Chicken Bun. Love this sweet roasted chicken in the hot steaming soft pau! Lost count of how many I had. :)
Inside the bun. Just love it!
Deep-fried Beancurd Skin with Chicken & Prawn. Those who love deep-fried stuffs love this dish!
Deep-fried Crispy Yam Taro. The taro was smooth, outer skin was crispy, but it tasted rather odd (seemed like oil used was not so fresh).
Glutinous Rice with Chicken. Yummeh~~ Fragrant rice with chunky pieces of tender chicken slices,
Pan sear Shanghai Dumplings.
Vegetable Spring Roll. Damn crispy. I'm not quite a fan of deep-fried stuff, but it tasted rather good thou.
Deep-fried Sesame Ball. Tot that it was good, but.....
The red bean filling was too little. Unable to balance with the thick chewy outer skin.
Custard Bun "Liew Sha Bao". This was really really really FANTASTIC!!!! Oozing out custard!!! Gosh~
LOOK!!! Thick, juicy, creamy, rich custard flowing out!!
Deep-fried stuff which I forgot what was it. :P
Forgotten what was this also. Hehe~
Phoenix Claw with Black Bean Sauce. Nicely stewed Chicken Feet!
Crystal Prawn Dumpling. Crunchy, big and fresh prawns used! Delicious!
Beancurd Roll with Thai Sauce. Okok la~
Steamed Chicken Cheong Fun. This was good as compared to the Duo-Texture one as the chicken meat was sweet and flavorful and it was deliciously served in the soft Cheong Fun accompanied with the Sambal Sauce.
Baked mini egg tart. Average, can be improved.
Pan-fried radish cake with shrimp Hong Kong style. Quite good.
Baked BBQ Chicken Pie. This was very delicious as well! Sweet savory BBQ Chicken in the crunchy-layered baked skin.

Pan-sear Radish Cake.
Pan-sear Chicken Bun with Vegetable.  Not too bad.
Chicken Congee with Century Egg. Serving hot, the congee was smooth and richly added with bits of century egg and chicken meat.
Homemade fish ball with fragrant garlic.
"Teochew" style Prawn Chicken Dumpling with Chives.
Pudding of the day - Santan flavored. Very soft with thick santan used. 
Dessert of the day - Cheng T'ng (forgot to take photo of it). It was rather good.

The dim sums here are decent and one of the good ones you could find in Kuching. Most important, it is Halal. :) Will definitely come back again if I have the chance.

Friday, 13 June 2014

No.6 Kopitiam for breakfast

No.6 Kopitiam is a famous coffee shop at Jalan Song area and seriously, I never come here to eat before. Do not know where to have breakfast that morning, so we decided to try out the foods here despite of the huge crowd. 
Sio Bee. Not nice. 
Fish Porridge (RM5). Tasted quite good, but portion seemed rather small.
Duck Noodles. Nice! I like it. Sweet Lor Duck with eggs some more.
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