Thursday, 24 April 2014

Korean Food, Jalan Song Trying Out Session

Been wanting to try this authentic Korean food here after much raving abt the good food and cheap price as compared to other Korean foods outlets. Located on the outer section of One Jaya Shopping Mall, just opposite Porkies, this little dining outlet is operated by a Korean lady who does all the cooking. We were there quite a couple of times, but we either failed to grab a table or the store is not open. Finally, George and I managed to dine in on this fine Saturday night when the night is still young. They also expanded their dining area to allocate more tables and seats. Flipping through the menu and based on my memories on the recommended foods here, we finally came out on what to have.

First, we were served with their homemade side dishes of the day. 
The side dishes served and also dipping sauces for the Pork BBQ later.
Kimchi of cos! So spicy yet couldn't stop myself from having more.
Kimchi Fried Pancake (RM8). Pan fried omelette with loaded Kimchis. As spicy as it looks! Very fragrant and I just love it thou it was a bit oily.
Ddukboki (RM10). Well~ Thou not as good as what I had in Korea, but it was nice. Sweeter in taste due to the red chili sauce used, this dish was very filling as there were fish cakes and rice cakes with cabbages. Koreana's Ddukboki was good too, but the rice cakes here were fresher.
So, with George around, we should not fail to have Pork BBQ (RM30). It was recommended to cater 2-3 persons. So, this should be enough for both of us. They have this Korean BBQ stove placed on our table and it was great to have their staff to grill the pork for us. We get to see the grilling process as well and it was awesome to see the oil dripping out from the stove. Everything seemed healthier and "thinner". :)
Grilling in process. Evenly cooked pork bellies.
Finally done grilling the pork slices. It was delicious and crispy some more! I find it nice to dip the grilled meats with a little bit of the salty soy bean paste provided (black sauce shown in the 1st pic). Next was to stir fry the mushrooms and veges with the remaining bits of pork lard on the stove which gave extra fragrance to the veges.
Thou the place may not look as classy, decent and comfortable, but this does not set back people from getting good foods!

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