Thursday, 22 May 2014

KL Food Hunt #2 @ Snowflakes, Pavilion Mall

What's for tea break after a shopping spree??? SNOWFLAKES!! All of us got ourselves a bowl each. Yummy!

This was their Bestseller (RM6.90)
Japan Combo (RM7.90). Matcha-flavored balls with pearls and red beans on the soya-based crushed ice. Slurpps!!!
Sesame Supreme (RM8.90). With matcha ice cream and all the yummy taro balls on black sesame ice.
Ocha'Ryo (RM7.90). Black sesame chewy balls, pearls and red beans as the toppings for the deliciously green-tea tasting ice! :)
Tohua Mix (RM6.90). This came in hot cos of the tohua. Not our preference.
Now I'm craving for desserts.. =.=

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