Saturday, 3 May 2014

De Fang Food and Drink Corner 德芳 @ Road from Stapok to MJC

Ok.. This new kopitiam, along the way from Stapok/SJK Chung Hua No.6 to MJC, can be easily spotted along the main road. There is just a row of shop lot there and another double-storey building next to it. Having Mackerel Fish Ball Kolo Mee as its signature dish, the place also serves other local hawker cuisines like fried noodles, fried kway teow etc. As it's very near to our housing estate, we did not take much trouble to have breakfast but here. Wanted to have their Kolo Mee with a bowl of Mackerel Fish Balls Soup Set (RM6), but was recommended to have their special dish of the day, which was Bitter Gourd Yong Tau Foo Soup.
Bitter Gourd Yong Tau Foo Soup. I do not like bitter gourd, so I just tried the Mackerel Fish Ball. Chewy in texture of cos. Not too bad. There were other ingredients like eggplant, fish cakes...
George ordered a bowl of Plain Kolo Mee to go along with his soup. The whole set costed RM8. Like the usual Kolo Mee. I'm recently fond of homemade noodles only. More tangy and textually different.
ABC (RM2.00). Quite ok. Considered as one of the better tasting ones as they use Gula Apong and I requested for no artificial syrups. Rather sweet thou. Would be better if they make their own ingredients instead of using commercially available red beans and chendol.
A quick and easy breakfast or lunch option for people staying around the corner.

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