Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kuching's Version of Sabah's Sang Nyuk Mian 生肉面

I read online that Sang Nyuk Mian is one of Sabah's Must-Eat-Food. In Kuching, there's also a place selling this. Currently located at The Best Corner 一品香, 101 Food Court, they used to operate at Pending area. Being as the only stall there which opens from morning, this doesn't stop people from visiting the place for their noodles and mixed pork soup. 

Each set comes with a bowl of noodles and a bowl of mixed pork soup. We had the bigger portion set (RM7). Regular set costs RM6. =p~
Yummy yummy! Very thin slices of pork meat which makes it easy to chew and extra soft. Lot of other pork innards in it which were fresh. You could request for pork tendon which would be RM8 for the set.
The noodles in their black sauce. Very Q! Different from our usual Kolo Mee or Kampua.
My friends from Sabah said that our Kuching's version of the soup is very close to Sabah's, but the noodles served in Sabah tends to be oilier and blacker. In this case, the "weight-watching" me would like our Kuching's version. Hehe~

Friday, 22 November 2013

Batu Kawa Meatball Noodles 石角肉丸哥罗面

This is the place where people always rave about for the meatballs at Batu Kawa Town. They have homemade meatballs kolo mee which people do not mind queing for. So much about their popularity, this was my first visit here.
So famous that they were advertised on newspaper. Seems like they had been there for decades.
Mee Pok with Meatballs and Sliced Meat.
Frankly speaking, I personally preferred Chin Chan Lee's as the sliced meat is more fragrant and chewy.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chin Chan Lee 陈泉李 Meatballs Noodles

Before our hike to Mount Singai, we dropped by at Batu Kawa Bazaar for the delicious Meatballs Noodles. There are quite a number of cafes selling homemade meatballs. The most famous one is located just at the roundabout entering Batu Kawa Bazaar. We wanted to try that, but it was fully packed, couldn't even get a seat. Thus, we went to the usual coffee shop we always visit, which also serves good Meatballs Noodles. The coffee shop is located at the far end of the bazaar, second last shop on your right when you drive in.  
Waiting for my breakfast!
Kueh Teow Soup with Meat Balls and Meat Slices. Served hot! Great! I personally love their homemade meat slices. Great texture with great taste. As for the meatballs, I'm not that keen as I would like it if it's as savory as the pork slices.
Dry Kolo Mee and Kuey Teow
Mixed Soup of Dry Tou Fu, Char Sio, Meat Balls, Meat Slices and Fish Cakes. Goes best with Mee and Kuey Teow Kosong.
Whole bowl of Meat Balls Soup!
Tang Hoon Soup with mixed ingredients of Meat Balls and Dry Tofu with Meat Embedded.
A bowl of Meat Balls and Meat Slices Soup!
A good breakfast is important to kick start the day! Now, we have enough power to conquer Mount Singai! :D

Dinner @ Twin Stars Food Garden, Stutong

Hello there.. Craving for porridge at night?? Head to Twin Stars Food Garden for sumptuous delicious meal.
So this is Twin Stars Food Garden. Situated at the shop lot behind Unaco. 
The porridge stall we ordered from.
Tadaa~~ Porridge for 3. Be prepared to wait when there's a big crowd.
Fish Porridge with Century Egg (RM8-9).
Chicken Porridge (RM5). The chicken was specially marinated with white wine. 
Pork Porridge with Eggs (~RM5). Why do I say eggs? Cos you will get century egg, chicken egg and salted egg inside. 
As for my personal preference, I like the fish porridge the most. Hehe.. But all tasted great!

Steamed Crystal Dumplings with Chives and Prawns (RM4.50 if not mistaken). I like this! This is from the 真功夫 Dim Sum Stall next to the porridge stall.

BBQ 3 Layer Pork (RM5). Very nice too!
Lamb Satay (RM1.50 each). This is the same as what you get at 101 Food Court and they serves lamb shank only on weekends. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cheap and Tasty Food @ Bako Seafood Restaurant

Bako Seafood Restaurant is a hidden treasure where not many locals know about the place. If you're heading to Bako National Park, you must set foot into this place. They operate from morning till late afternoon, so we normally head there for lunch. The restaurant is quite close to the Bako National Park Ticketing Booth, so you may ask around if you couldn't search for it. So what's recommended here?
Sliced Fish Beehoon. This is one of their signature dish. Must order!! It's so rich in milk, added with fresh tomatoes and salted vegetables which gives it a slight sourish taste. The fish meat is fried beforehand, giving the dish an extra fragrance.
Steamed Prawns. The prawns were really fresh and steamed with white wine. The gluey egg white makes the dish not that dull.
Deep-fried Squid. I never been a fan of deep-fried squid as the squid would be very chewy and the skin is normally quite hard. But this dish here really made me "fall-in-love" with deep-fried squids! The batter that they prepared to coat the squid was so fluffy and soft when deep-fried, which did not overcooked after that, instead maintaining the freshness and soft-biting texture of the squids. So good!!

Enjoying my breakfast!

The outlook of Hock Hai or actually Fock Hai Tim Sam Cafe at Padungan. This is the view from the backside I assumed.
Breakfast for 2!! We sure can eat alot ya~ Hehe..
The best Har Kau I found in Kuching. Instead of the whole piece of prawn in the transparent chewy skin, minced prawn with added flavor was added instead. Yummy!
Tau Sar Pau, which I like it too.. :)
Previous visit to Hock Hai

Saturday, 16 November 2013

First time @ Wakakaka Cafe

At first when Wakakaka Cafe was opened for business, my friends tried and bad comments came from them. Tasted not really good and portion was small with the price they charged. So, we never try out this place until recently, good comments and compliments came abt the place. A very good job to the Wakakaka's management team as they are willing to take up comments and make changes to serve people better. 
Foods we tried out that night:
Dory 'n' Chippy (RM14.80). Deep fried golden dory fish to go with tartar sauce and comes with chips. I did not have this, so unable to give any comments.
Mushroom Soup (RM5.80). Looks good, but not my dish too. Hehe~
Steak Alexandra (RM26.80). Grilled steak covered in mushroom sauce and topped with egg. Wanted to order the recommended Yin Yang Chicken Chop, but too bad they ran out of chicken chop, so we had this. Requested for medium rare, but came out to be too "well done". 
Potato Madness! (RM8.80). Lovely dish as an appetizer as I just love potatoes! 
Lemon Chicken Roll (RM20.80). This was also one of Wakakaka's hot item. Appears to be a side dish in their menu, but it looks like a main dish to me. Very nice! The ham wrapped grilled chicken leg was flooded with their sweet marinade sauce with pinch of sourish lemon taste. MUST-TRY!
Spaghetti Alio-Olio (RM16.80). Tasted different from usual Aglio-Olio, but quite ok to me. 
Snowy Poo Poo (RM6.00). Their homemade Vanilla Ice Cream! Great! Tasted just like Sunny Hill's Ice Cream. We were actually too full and wanted to cancel this, but the friendly tauke was so kind that he gave us this for free. No regrets for trying!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Auntie's Corner Fresh Fruit Juice

Students from Pusat Bimbingan Karya, Kereta Api must be very familiar this place. This would be a regular makan spot for them before or after tuition (which I did so few years back :D). Auntie's Corner serves lots of local favorites, all quite up-to-standard. May not be the best, but edible. What's famous here would be the cheap, nice and fresh fruit juice! Lots of choices to select from. You can mix and match with different fruits and have it pure or with milk or even with yogurt.
Buah Kedondong Juice (RM3.50 if not mistaken).
Carrot Yogurt Juice (RM4.50 if not mistaken). I had this. Nice. Special. Very rich and slightly sour cos of the yogurt.
Singapore Fried Beehoon (~RM5.00). According to my dad, it had curry-like taste.
Salted Vege BeeHoon Soup (~RM6.00). Very big and fulfilling bowl. 
Fried Manicai BeeHoon (~RM4-5). Preferred this over the Singapore Style. :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Porridge @ Seng Yuen Food Centre

Many people are not unaware of this place: Seng Yuen Food Centre. Having one of Kuching's famous Bak Kut Teh and also Kueh Chap, the place is always crowded for breakfast.
Surprisingly, the stall behind selling porridge has a variety of different type of porridges unavailable to find elsewhere so far.
Shark Meat Porridge (RM5.00) with Egg (RM1.00). Look at the generous of shark meat given. So good! And they have my favorite Salted Vege too! :D
Perfect egg!
Pork + Liver Porridge (RM3.50) and Egg (RM1.00). Yum yum!
Their squid + bacon porridge was wonderful too! I tried during my last visit, but forgotten to snapshot of it. Next time then! :)

101 Food Court again!!

Supper supper supper~~ The 1st place that usually comes into mind for supper in Kuching would be 101 Food Court cos of the choices of food you can get at late night. Here I am again to fill up my growling tummy. :D
Beef Satay from the Malay Stall in front.. Nice!
Lamb Satay (RM1.50 each) and Chicken Feet (RM1 each if not mistaken). 
Tom Yam Fish (RM20) from the BBQ fish stall. A great alternative to the Sambal BBQ Fish. Tasted slightly spicy and sour. Very appetizing! 
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