Sunday, 23 February 2014

Family Dinner @ Heritage Restaurant

Heritage Restaurant is a Chinese Restaurant located at Ban Hock Rock. Often packed at night, so it would be better to make reservations first.
Roasted Pork - Half pork (RM150.00). Highly recommended if you dine in in a big group. 
Shark Fin Soup (RM150.00).
Steamed Fish
Cantonese Style Fried Noodles
Stir-fry Baby Kailan
All the dishes were quite good. Well~ Heritage Restaurant is quite a reputable Chinese Restaurant, so the food shouldn't go too wrong. Our meal costed us RM468.40 including drinks for abt 8 persons.

Breakfast Set @ Hi-Bread

No more laksa or kolo mee for breakfast! Just at RM2.90, you can enjoy a great English Breakfast like below at Hi-Bread. :D With bun, coleslaw, baked beans, ham and egg. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

RM2 Chicken Rice @ Boon Haw, Ang Cheng Ho

It's not easy to get RM2 food nowadays, but hey, this old shop here - Boon Haw 文豪, located at Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, still serves RM2 chicken rice. 
This is the RM2 Chicken Rice. Quite a generous portion for such value yay! Taste-wise was quite good too.
Well.. Of course, if you want a bigger portion, they have the RM4 portion like this with rice. The additional chicken innards requested was charged for RM1. We opt for the roasted version which was even tastier.
So, if you are in search for the place, it would be better to turn in at the shop-lot where the corner shop is a bakery shop next to Hock Lee Centre. Then, follow the main road to the first roundabout. The coffee shop should be on your right. :D

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sumptuous Dinner @ Sanga Japanese Food 山河日本料理

Talking about Valentines, I have yet to post about my dining experience at Sanga Japanese Food 
山河日本料理, where we celebrated our anniversary. :D George made the bookings earlier to avoid any disappointment as the place has always been a crowded and popular place for good Japanese food. 

This was not my first time here, but it was my first time dining here. When we arrived, we were brought upstairs which I never know that they have this extra place. It's still new, just renovated I guessed.
The new dining area at 1st floor. Nicely and pleasantly renovated.
Display of the cutlery.
Plates, saucer and Japanese soy sauce located at the side of the table.

After being seated, the waitress handed us their menu. And here I am, flipping through to search for my food!
"Hi there, I'm George!" LOL! He doesn't really like to take photos cos he always say he looks very unnatural. Haha~
 OK! Done with our dinner selection, now I would reveal our dinner content!
First came the Potato Salad (RM5). I'm always a fan of potatoes! Love this dish!!! It tasted different from our usual potato salad or mashed potatoes as those are more westernized style. Not sure whether this is Japanese style or not, but this was really delicious. Topped with some sesame seeds and mixed with some egg mayo, carrots and cucumber bits, I would always go for this every visit whenever I can.
The next dish served was Oyster Cheese (RM20). We chose this instead of Cheese Mentai/Mussels as they were priced the same. For oysters lovers, you could try this out. The oysters was fragrantly baked in creamy cheese without losing the oysters' freshness.
Sanga Chawan Mushi (RM6). It's always been my favorite order whenever I visit a new Japanese food outlet. I am in search of the best! This was quite good, but still not the best for me.
Our main dish of the night!! Sanga Sashimi (RM138). George insisted to try on this as he knows that it is always my dream to get hold of one of these sashimi platters. There were assorted sashimi of Salmon, Maguro (red tuna), Shiro Maguro (white tuna), Tako (octopus), Amaebi (prawns), scallop and lots more which I'm not quite sure what those were. Hehe~ Very nice and fresh I would say. Yummy!! It would be a great dish to try if you want to taste all the different flavors of fresh, raw sashimi available. If not, you can still go for those singly served sashimi.
Having the thought that we would not be full with the above dishes, we, being very "kepo", ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Noodle (RM16). It was very delicious, but we were so full that we did not finish the noodles in the end.
I must say this was a real happy and tasty anniversary date!! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

14 February 2014

It's 14 February 2014! This date marks the end of the 15 days of Chinese New Year celebration as the 15th day of the first month of the Lunar Calendar, which is also known as Lantern Festival (元宵节). This night (Chap Goh Mei), many Chinese families would gather together to have a reunion dinner. Such an coincidence, Valentines' Day falls on this special day. Double Happiness!! My family did not have any plans on this night, so George dated me for Valentines' dinner. I initially thought that he is taking me for Pullman's Western Set Dinner, but he surprised me by taking me to Hilton's Steakhouse instead. :D

Having the booking and payment made earlier, we were taken to our seats which was just beside the window, having the chance to enjoy the waterfront scenery whilest having dinner. Our table was nicely set up with petals of roses.. 

Our Valentines' Menu
5-Course Dinner
A complimentary door gift to every dining couple - Love Shape Strawberyy Cream Filled Chocolate
We were also served with a glass of red wine each.
Snapshot before meal
Served with Bread and Butter first. The bread is the best bread tasted. Very soft and fluffy bread of cos. Most important of all, they incorporated herbs into the bread, giving it a very distinct yet delicious taste.
Here comes our 1st dish in our menu. Marinated Tuna with Daikon Salad with Basil Oil & Lemon. As you can see, it's very beautifully served. Smartly served along with fruits on top of the tuna, the fishy smell of tuna was covered.
Goat's Cheese & Cauliflower Soup with Caviar & Fish Oil. WOW! A very impressing dish. Our usual soup were mushroom soup or pumpkin soup. This soup is a wonder. The goat's cheese used gave the creamy soup a cheesy sensation. Melting in the soup, the thin bread crumbs soak up the delicious fragrance of the soup, and with bits of caviar inside, it doesn't make the dish soupy and dull.
Third came our main course **the star of the menu**. We were given beef and fish to choose from, but both of us wanted beef and requested for medium rare. Hickory Smoked Fillet Mignon with Mushroom Ragout and Beef Jus. Mignon is the end part of tenderloin, the part with the least connective tissue, so it should be very soft and tender. Served on a hot plate, the mignon fillet was topped with mushroom and covered in beef jus. Some side veges were served along too. We were very excited to try out the dish as Hilton's Steakhouse was well-known for its steak and claimed to be the best Western fine dining restaurant in Kuching.
Look at the fisrt cut of my mignon!! Looks and tastes extremely delicious! Best beef steak I had before. I was having chewing difficulty lately cos of my front tooth. It always take me a very long time to bite chewy stuffs. But this fillet was so great that the texture was damn soft at each bite. I did not experience any problems in chewing at all. As requested, the steak was done perfectly to our "medium rare" standard! 
Strawberry Sorbet. Sorbet in chilled glass to maintain the texture and preventing the sorbet from melting. Kinda appetizing as it had a sourish taste. We both felt that it tasted like "San Cha". Hehe~
Finally, the last dish - Strawberry Stuffed Nougat Chocolate Mousse Terrine with Raspberry Sherbet. Delicious dessert! Exquisite display of the dessert as well. I usually don't like mousse as it normally gives a smooth irritating texture, but I loved this! The chocolate mousse was very pleasant to taste and was complemented well by the strawberry stuffed nougat which was soft and not too sweet. Going along with the sweet Raspberry Sherbet on top of the crunchy buttery biscuit, the dessert ended our dinner awesomely!
Although the dinner was priced expensively, it was definitely worth the value for the awesome food and unforgettable experience! :D 

After dinner, we met up with our friends and thanks to them, we finally got our full-body couple shot! <3

With them :)
The ladies of the night

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Taiwanese Breakfast @ New Wonderful Cafe

Seems like we were on good Taiwanese beef noodles hunt recently. Found a new place for beef noodles and this time round, it's prepared by real Taiwanese. The friendly Taiwanese owner operates the stall at New Wonderful Cafe, Hui Sing. We won't have come to this coffee shop if not cos of the recommendations from Kuching Food Critics' members. 
Pancake (RM2.50). Apart from beef noodles, we had this egg pancake. Tasted and looked equally pleasing with the sweet sauce.
Beef noodles (RM4.50). QQ noodles~
Beef Mix Noodles (RM5.50). Tasted quite good, unlike our local beef noodles, and I would say it's worth the value. 
So far, I still prefer Spring Garden's Taiwan beef noodles. Spring Garden's has taste of local beef noodles mixed with Taiwanese's. ++ the beef meat is really tender and the soup was really rich.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Porridge @ Ah Liong Cafe, BDC

Ah Liong Cafe happens to fall under one of our usual breakfast place recently especially we want something light for breakfast - porridge. 
Chicken Porridge with Salted Egg.
Prawn Porridge
Fish Porridge with Century Egg
Laksa. This was our first try of the Laksa here. Happened to taste quite good too! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lasagna Crave!!

The lasagna from Bella Italia kept going thru my mind (shows how good it was!). Apart from Bella Italia, Bing! was recommended in serving tasty lasagna in Kuching as well. So, yea~~ Off we go to satisfy my crave! There are a couple of Bing! outlets in Kuching - Padungan, Jalan Kereta Api, Hills Shopping Mall, Premier 101 and Green Heights. I went to the one at Green Heights.
Lasagna consisting of minced beef, cheeses, eggplants, bolognese sauce (~RM15). Served with salads and homemade salsa.

Yummehhh~~ A very filling dish, definitely worth the value. The bolognese sauce was not overpowering the taste of minced beef. They were really generous with the use of cheese as you could see from the pics, but it would n't make you get irritated with it. As for Bella Italia's, the taste was richer especially the cheese. So, it all depends whether you are a cheese fonder. Both are great!!! 

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