Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sumptuous Dinner @ Sanga Japanese Food 山河日本料理

Talking about Valentines, I have yet to post about my dining experience at Sanga Japanese Food 
山河日本料理, where we celebrated our anniversary. :D George made the bookings earlier to avoid any disappointment as the place has always been a crowded and popular place for good Japanese food. 

This was not my first time here, but it was my first time dining here. When we arrived, we were brought upstairs which I never know that they have this extra place. It's still new, just renovated I guessed.
The new dining area at 1st floor. Nicely and pleasantly renovated.
Display of the cutlery.
Plates, saucer and Japanese soy sauce located at the side of the table.

After being seated, the waitress handed us their menu. And here I am, flipping through to search for my food!
"Hi there, I'm George!" LOL! He doesn't really like to take photos cos he always say he looks very unnatural. Haha~
 OK! Done with our dinner selection, now I would reveal our dinner content!
First came the Potato Salad (RM5). I'm always a fan of potatoes! Love this dish!!! It tasted different from our usual potato salad or mashed potatoes as those are more westernized style. Not sure whether this is Japanese style or not, but this was really delicious. Topped with some sesame seeds and mixed with some egg mayo, carrots and cucumber bits, I would always go for this every visit whenever I can.
The next dish served was Oyster Cheese (RM20). We chose this instead of Cheese Mentai/Mussels as they were priced the same. For oysters lovers, you could try this out. The oysters was fragrantly baked in creamy cheese without losing the oysters' freshness.
Sanga Chawan Mushi (RM6). It's always been my favorite order whenever I visit a new Japanese food outlet. I am in search of the best! This was quite good, but still not the best for me.
Our main dish of the night!! Sanga Sashimi (RM138). George insisted to try on this as he knows that it is always my dream to get hold of one of these sashimi platters. There were assorted sashimi of Salmon, Maguro (red tuna), Shiro Maguro (white tuna), Tako (octopus), Amaebi (prawns), scallop and lots more which I'm not quite sure what those were. Hehe~ Very nice and fresh I would say. Yummy!! It would be a great dish to try if you want to taste all the different flavors of fresh, raw sashimi available. If not, you can still go for those singly served sashimi.
Having the thought that we would not be full with the above dishes, we, being very "kepo", ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Noodle (RM16). It was very delicious, but we were so full that we did not finish the noodles in the end.
I must say this was a real happy and tasty anniversary date!! 

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