Friday, 11 April 2014

Variety Food Cafe

Not sure whether many are aware of this Variety Food Cafe or not, but it is always quite packed. It's located at the corner shoplot, just opposite The Spring Shopping Mall, next to ST3 Shopping Mall. This cafe might not gain its popularity yet, but there's one Chicken Rice shop named Alex's Chicken Rice surely did. Selling chicken rice for the whole day, Alex, the owner, definitely stock lots and lots of chicken, both fried and steamed. For his fried chicken rice, it's not just plain Fried Chicken, but Alex prepares a variety of sauces - Thai, Salad and Honey Lemon to go along with his crispy chicken.
Fried Chicken Rice (RM5). For just RM5, this was really a generous amount. Not to mention his crispy and tasty chicken meat, nicely covered with the sweet and spicy Thai sauce I opt for.
In Variety Food Cafe, not only chicken rice was sold of cos. As the name goes, "Variety" means having choices. There are also Malay Cuisines, Toast Sets and so on.
Cheese, Egg and Ham Bun. Looks good.
Minced Meat on Tortilla (forgotten the price).
There are a lot more of great food, but this stall has moved to the Shanizam's Kafeteria just next door to the other side of Spoon Cafe. 

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