Monday, 28 April 2014

My Birthday Cake!

After a filling Japanese dinner at Sanga, I asked for desserts! How can a birthday cake be missed out on my birthday? :P So, after thinking hard on where to have desserts, finally drop by Cuppa-Kap Coffee at One Jaya Mall, Jalan Song, just next to Korean Food for Mille Crepe. It's not easy to get mille crepes in Kuching. Could say that this was my first try in Kuching. I still craved for the ones at Humble Beginnings, Penang. :( 
Ok. Back to the mille crepe at Cuppa-Kap Coffee. They have a couple of selections, but wasn't many. I chose the Green Tea Mille Crepe where red beans were embedded in between. 
Layers of crepes and cream. Wasn't very sweet in taste and smooth in texture. Kinda mild. Would be better if it's slightly richer. But quite ok la.. 
Love to see the layers~ Green Tea Mille Crepe (~RM10)

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