Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Revisited Wakakaka Cafe

Wakakaka Cafe is gaining its popularity for Western dining. We actually visited a couple of times, sometimes just for a drink. This time, I finally got to try their famous Yin Yang Chicken Chop. :D
Potato Madness (RM10.80). Portion has reduced. The potatoes was a bit too smashy to my liking and too much mayonnaise.
Mushroom Soup (RM6.80). Served with garilic bread which remains its flavor and taste, but the soup seems to be milder in taste. 
Yin Yang Chicken Chop (RM28.80). 2 pieces of grilled chicken chop served in 2 different sauces - Black Pepper Sauce and Creamy Cheese Sauce. Nice! Love this dish.. Slurppss~
Well~ I do not know about the chicken chop cos this was my first try, but it seemed that the mushroom soup and potato madness did not taste as good as before. Maybe we were there too early for dinner and they did not prepare well?? Hmm~ Prices seemed to increase if not mistaken. Hopefully it would taste better during my next visit.

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