Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Breakfast @ C121 / Lao Lee, Stutong

Been hearing about the Laksa Siam at Lao Lee Coffee Shop at Stutong, so we were there to try it and it's only available on weekends' morning. >.< Just situated next to Lao Lee is C121, so customers can order food from both sides.
Laksa Siam (RM6.00). Well~ We were pretty impressed by the look cos of the prawns and eggs. However, we did not really like the taste. It tasted some sort like Belacan Bee Hoon, but it's more sour. 
Smoked Duck and Ngo Hiang from the Ke Jia 客家 stall. Good! Kinda oily thou.
Shrimp-filled Chee Cheong Fun from one of the stalls at C121. Tasted ok when go along with the accompanied sambal paste given.
Well~ There are lots and lots of food choices in both coffee shops, some opening at night. So yeah, will take some time to explore the foods there.

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