Monday, 21 April 2014

I.P.H (Ipoh) Roasted Cafe Trying Out

There were some people raving about a newly opened coffee shop, selling Ipoh Roasted Foodies. Offering from Roasted Chicken, Pork and also Duck! You can choose from yellow noodles, rice or flat noodles (kway teow). We went there for lunch and they went out of flat noodles.
Mix of everything with yellow noodles.
Closer view of the plain yellow noodles (RM1.50).
Closer view of the Roasted Duck, Crispy Pork, Honey Chicken, and Char Sio (RM12). Everything tasted great! And we were served with 3 different sauces to go along. 
Great food with great price! Try out yourself!

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