Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tommy Boy Cupcakes

Hello!!! It's weekend again! Yeah!!! Why am I so happy? Cos I'm having cheat days. Haha! And what does cheat day means? I'm gonna hunt for desserts!! :D We had a very full dinner at Wakakaka Cafe and while waiting for our movie show, George pleased me with cupcakes from Tommy Boy, CityOne Mall.

Extremely delighted with my cupcakes! Hehe~

Red Velvet Cupcake (RM4.90). Claimed to be their best seller. Tasted quite ok. Not very sweet, but the cream cheese frosting on top was a little too heavy to our liking. It is not as moist as the one sold by Lovey Dovey Cupcakes, Plaza Merdeka, but I think it was quite nice. Moist = butter?? 
Cadbury Mudpie Cupcake (RM4.90). I was initially tempted by the name and luckily, it was not too bad. We both preferred this over the Red Velvet Cupcake. Not overly sweet as most chocolate cakes would taste. 
They also have cakes options with similar flavors. If you wanna try a couple of different flavors, cupcakes would be a better choice. Tommy Boy also serves cheap and tasty ice creams!! :D

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