Sunday, 20 April 2014

Porridge Set @ I Love Yoo! 老油鬼鬼, The Spring Shopping Mall

I Love Yoo! is a famous franchise selling porridge and fried fritters / you tiao in Sg and has finally arrived in Kuching's The Spring Shopping Mall. Besides their ala carte menu, they also offer set menu ranging from Set A: You Tiao + Porridge or Set B: You Tiao + Soya Bean 
or Set C: You Tiao + Porridge + Soya Bean. Set A & B costs RM4.90 each, whereas Set C costs RM6.90. We ordered Set C and Fried Bun.

Set C. The You Tiao was very crispy and nice to go along with the porridge. The soya bean drink was quite light in taste. I think there's no added sugar, so very healthy!
Dry Scallop Porridge. Like it cos it's hot and very smooth.
Fried Bun (RM1.60 each). It's good! Flavorful and a bit crispy on the outside.

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