Thursday, 24 April 2014

Best Beef Noodles @ 98 Kopitiam, Stutong

We have lots of good beef noodles in Kuching like the famous Ah Mui, the one in Green Hill Corner, Spring Garden and so on. Wasn't aware of the presence of this Beef Noodles stall at 98 Kopitiam, next to One TJ Mall, until Kevin introduced us to this place for supper. It was their usual activity to have supper after closing shop at 10pm. They tried out this place when they were on their way down from Summer Shopping Mall and to their surprise, the beef noodles were so impressive. Why do I say so?! Take a look at the photos below!!
Beef Soup Special with Mee Kosong. Perfect combination. The noodles were good and this huge bowl of beef chunks, tendons and stomach were AWESOME!! This is the only place where I find beef tendons so huge!
Beef Soup Special with Flat Noodles (RM7.00). For just RM7, you get this huge bowl of beef noodles. What more can you ask for??
Come on! Just look at the GIANT size beef tendons. OMG! 
Seriously, after my first try of beef noodles here, I barely wanna go for beef noodles at other places. Too bad they only sell it at night. Remember to order for "Special" if you want something similar like mine. They also have Beef Fried Noodles as well and their business was really good. Other food choices were available too like burgers which was quite good, Bak Kut Teh, Chinese Stir-Fried Stall, Dumplings and so on. The place could be quite crowded at night thou.

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