Saturday, 5 April 2014

Korean Junks!

Missed out a little small part from my Korea Trip. This post is all about the junk foods I bought from Korea. There's always some planning ahead on what to buy before we go for a trip. So, I sought for some worth buying souvenirs we could get from Korea. Happened to come across a couple of recommended packaged food products from some bloggers. So, I just get what I could when I'm in Korea.
Tasted just ok only to me.
Recommended by our tour guide. Crispy Tteokbokki Rolls. Nice. Sweet and a bit spicy. Can get it from the convenience store, but always run out of stock.
Ntg very special abt this thou.
Another brand of the Crispy Tteokbokki Rolls. Tasted even better than the other one above. More expensive thou.
Tasted like honey cornflakes.
Delicious Brownie with wine inside.
Chocolate cream-filled fish-shaped cake. Quite nice. 
Most of these stuffs could be found in convenience stores. It was quite bulky and heavy to bring back. =.=

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