Friday, 25 April 2014

Family dinner @ Tomoe Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Mendu

Tomoe Japanese Restaurant is tucked away from the busy main road along Jalan Mendu, close to Chung Hua School No.5. Had been here for quite some time, but never introduce before. Brought my parents here for the first time and enjoyed ordering what I like. :)
Salmon Sashimi - 8 pcs (RM24). Hardly missed when I go for Japanese food. Very fresh and really thick slices.
Mix Sushi -Special (RM32.90). A mix of different sushis. 
Unagi Maki (RM15).
Yakitori Shio/Teriyaki (RM5). Very nicely grilled.
Okonomiyaki (RM14).  Japanese pizza laden with chopped cabbage, shredded seaweed, bonito flakes and so on. At least my parents favor this dish over Ten Ichi's and Sushi Zanmai's. 

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