Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nasi Briyani @ Buhari Cafe

According to George, this Buhari Cafe serves the best Nasi Briyani n Kuching, whether it's Ayam, Kambing or Lembu. It's located at the busy Satok area, along with the stretch of shop lots with KFC, facing the flyover. They really prepared tongs of nasi briyani. Business must be really good. 
Nasi Briyani Ayam (RM8). It was really quite good. Tender chicken meat with the fragrantly cooked rice.
Roti Canai (RM1.20). Their roti canai was good too! Crispy texture and goes best with their Dhal. 
They have other Mamak food choices like Mee Kari, Rojak, Nasi Campur with a few choices to select from, Murtabak and so on. All their foods have reasonable quality and taste, but as usual, Mamak or Malay foods are usually more pricey.

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